Multiple Necklaces


Wearing a couple of necklaces

Today our FABruary Style Challenge is to wear more than one necklace at the same time. Doing this is great if you are like me, and need to up the scale of your necklaces to large, so that your bust appear smaller.

One necklace is not enough

When I bought this necklace, I discovered that just one strand was not enough, so I searched around and found another necklace to layer with it and it becomes a large enough piece for me to wear.

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  • – your necklaces look like they came together, they look almost identical, I guess combining different necklaces would prove too disharmonious. – here I am guessing the necklace should imitate the neckline regardless of length? if you were wearing a higher up V collar and a longer necklace (it shouldn’t be a scoop necklace)?

    -I have a pointy chin, so crew neck is not the best on me. Yet (on the basis of the video above where you are wearing a V neck but you still have a softer chin) it’s not that unflattering to wear a crew neck for pointy chin but I should coordinate necklace to collar style, not chin style?

    -I find that I need bolder larger scale-necklaces despite having a small frame and smaller breasts (although I am tall) otherwise the jewellery is just lost on me. I am finding it a bit to difficult to reconcile my dramatic side (cool bright colours and bolder more noticeable jewellery suit me best) with my feminine preferences (anything soft pretty understated…) (it took me ages to get rid of all my unassuming girly muted pastels). (Refer to your little daughter, preferences vs what really suits her – I am (used to be?!) the same except the reverse.) I am a girl of contradictions and the biggest challenge was let go of garments that look so pretty on the mannequin in the shop but looked ghastly when on me. Next step is get some new necklaces, most of my current ones are on thin silver chain/wire with a little pendant.

    • Maybe it’s your dramatic side that likes the larger scale necklaces? If you wear ‘see through’ or necklaces made up from many smaller parts then they won’t feel too large, but still retain that feminine element?

      Also, we can all wear a variety of styles, you’ll just find that the V type shape is more flattering than some of the other styles

  • I wore three today. I don’t normally do this, but quite liked the look of it. One of the necklaces I wore today I wear quite often on its own, while the other two I actually only picked up at the op shop a few days ago. They are probably too small in scale for me to wear on their own, since I’m kinda tubby, but wearing them in combination with others makes them a do-able option for me.

    Susie, I highly recommend hitting your local thrift/op shops for necklaces. Loads to be had, because people tire of the cheaper range of stuff so quickly.

    • As I said earlier, I love your look today.

      How do you disinfect necklaces that you buy second-hand? I never really buy jewellery or shoes from charity shops as I can’t just wash them like i do clothes and I have a slight OCD about hygenie. ?!

  • Oh dear! I thought this challenge would prove easy as I have so many necklaces, but trying to find two that I could wear together and that looked as good as your combination proved impossible. I did my best, but it wasn’t really good enough – perhaps I could have 3 out of 10 for effort?!

  • For this I cheated a bit.. I was actually wearing a single necklace which happens to look like multiple necklaces. I really like all statement pieces you can wear around your neck, but usually I want to wear only one at a time. 🙂

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