Where to Wear Your Handbag or Purse


Where is the best place to wear your handbag? This is dependent on your body shape. Watch this short video to quickly figure out what your best options are.


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  • I never thought about WHERE my handbags sits before. Very interesting!

    I’ve always tried on a bag while looking in the mirror, so perhaps I knew some of these tips instinctively, but it is useful to hear them reasoned out like this. I am small busted and like a cross-body bag that sits at “just the right length.” Now I have a better idea where that perfect length is and why some bags just don’t work.


  • Interesting as always, but where I live, the risk of being robbed in the street is really high, so I can’t afford to decide these things from an esthetic point of view and have to put safety first. Which usually means to wear a cross-body-bag underneath my arm or a backpack in front of me. Not very flattering. Sigh.

    • Wow – I’ve never consciously thought about the position of a bag but it really does make a difference to the overall image. Like Sonja I have to think about safety – I travel a lot to places with thriving pickpocket cultures. I’ve started using a “healthy back” bag for casual wear and business travel. It’s quite versatile – you can push it back, hug it with your elbow or sling it across your body as the security situation dictates. http://www.thehealthybackbag.co.uk/ – although not as elegant as some of the bags that Imogen was showing.

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