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If you are a busy mum and spend much of your time in practical clothing like a knit top with a pair of jeans, how do you dress it up to make it more stylish whilst still remaining practical?  Accessories are key … let me show you how.

When my daughter was 4 years old I was dropping her off at kindy (pre-school) and one of the other mums stopped me in the carpark and said: “you always look so stylish, I don’t know how you do it!“.   I looked at her, in fact, she was dressed just like me, a pair of dark jeans and a long-sleeved tee.  The only difference was that I was wearing a statement necklace and a pair of sparkly ballet flats, she had not accessories and was wearing sneakers.  Basically, the outfit you see below!

Add Accessories to create Focal Points


What you can see is that by changing up accessories you can really make a basic outfit of jeans and a tee more stylish!  Not only do accessories draw attention (and provide that necessary focal point), they add personality and style to any outfit.

Add a Scarf

Firstly it depends on the stages and ages of your kids. If you’re in that grabby baby stage you’ll find that the majority of your existing necklaces and dangly earrings are just not practical at this stage of your baby’s development.   Instead, wear a scarf (which is also a great accessory when breastfeeding as you can drape it over your baby’s head when feeding so they don’t get distracted with what else is going on around them.

Jewellery Choices

You’ll also find that you’re best wearing stud style earrings rather than any sort of chandelier or other.

how to accessories when you've got babies and small kids - discover how to make your casual outfits more stylishOnce you’re past the early baby stage you can think about adding back necklaces to your accessories repertoire.  Even in the baby stage, there are now fabulous teething necklaces and bangles that you can wear – totally indestructible!

Don’t forget that you can wear an interesting watch, bracelets or bangles to add some interest.  Even a funky costume cocktail ring really adds a dash of interest.

Consider a Feature Belt

If you’ve got an X or I shape body or are long-waisted and look great with a belt, why not use feature belts to add some interest and a focal point to your outfit.  If you’re not sure of your body shape, you can try my free quiz and download your Body Shape Bible.

Cute and Comfortable Shoes

how to accessories when you've got babies and small kids - discover how to make your casual outfits more stylishMake sure your shoes are comfortable but avoid chunky white sneakers unless you’re actually exercising.  Instead, choose some comfortable flat shoes that are a little more feminine in appearance.   If you want to make your legs look longer then colour blend them to your jeans or choose a pair of shoes that are a shade or two darker.  If you have long legs why not find some fun coloured shoes that you can build an accessory colour cluster around.

Hair Accessories

If you wear hair accessories, look for some with personality.  Throw out those tired scrunchies from the 80s and 90s, they are making you look way older than you are.  But, remember, you’re not a 5-year-old girl, so make sure they’re appropriate for a woman rather than a child.

Read this post for some more ideas of working jeans and jewellery together.

And if you want masses more information about how to accessorize check out my latest ebook The Finishing Touch: perfecting the art of accessorizing.


The Finishing Touch

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