What Jewellery to Choose When You Have a Short or Wide Neck


Many people feel that if their neck is short or thick (or both) that it excludes them from wearing jewellery near their face, but this is not so.

Look for necklaces that are to your first balance point or longer (double that length is great too).  Avoid your second balance point (the high one). Look for longer pendants and necklaces that drop to mid-chest or longer. Layers of long necklaces that create a flattering horizontal really flatter. Look for larger scale pendants but not on heavy chains, instead on a finer chain so the focal point is the pendant rather than what it’s attached to. Earrings can be great, avoid wide chandeliers as they will further add bulk, instead look for studs or drop earrings that are about 3cm long (never past your chin) that are slim in style such as hoops and tear drops. Have you considered brooches?  They can be worn on the collars of your jackets and won’t have that strangling effect. If you have necklaces that you love but feel they’re too short, get an extender put on  the fastening, or try a different length chain if possible. Why not draw attention to your hands with bracelets and bangles, cocktail rings and funky watches.


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  • This is something I'm struggling with right now. I love your post on balance points, it's been really useful.
    I have a short neck and also a round face, and I've read that for round faces earrings should be long? I think I'll have to go on a quest for the perfect-intermediate-legth teardrop 😀

  • Imogen, extenders on necklaces are just tacky to me. Necklaces, like clothes, are so much more elegant when they fit- so buy one that fits (many artisans on the Internet will make them to your size) or have it reworked so it does.

    Really great post, thanks.

  • I LOVE brooches! (probably because I'm an 80's child and we used to pin tons of them on at one time) They never get top billing in the accessory department so I'm glad you mentioned them!

  • But I have to say that extenders have been a real help for me sometimes. I've recently lost 40 pounds so my necklaces look much better, but when I had much fatter cheeks and neck, I'd extend the necklace a bit so I could still wear it. I have long hair so nobody ever saw the extender. Maybe that's the key? Keeping it hidden.

  • It’s extremely easy to replace the chain on a necklace. Go to your local craft store and get the kind of chain you want, cut it to the length you want, use the fasteners from the original necklace, et voila. There are many youtubes about jewelry making, opening jump rings, etc. It’s very easy to customize your necklaces so they fall at just the right length.

  • Learning jewellery making basics was a blessing for me. I have a short thick neck and round face. Necklaces were always too short and looked like they were strangling me. A length of chain and a couple of pairs of pliers do the job cheaply and make such a difference.

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