How to Choose the Colour of Your Shoes


I LOVE your blog. I refer to it ALL the time. Thank you! I have a question for you? What color shoes would you wear with a champagne goldish dress with tiny sparkles? The style is just just above knee length and is a cocktail dress. Thank you for your time in advance for answering!

How to choose Shoe Colour

There are two easy ways you can go about choosing a shoe colour.  You can either have fun and play with colour.  It’s completely acceptable to choose an alternate colour to your dress and use it for interest, tie it together with jewellery and/or a clutch in the same colour.  Don’t forget if your toenails are visible to paint them in a matching colour to your shoes.  Not sure of what colour to choose?  Think about relating it to:

  • Your eye colour (particuarly if you have blue, turquoise or green eyes)
  • Your lip colour – reds, burgundies and purples
  • Your hair colour (particularly if you have blonde, orange or red hair)

Or there is the more traditional route of choosing a gold coloured shoe that matches your dress.  But why not think about one with an interesting finish such as snakeskin, or more sparkles to relate back to your dress.


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  • Thanks! I had to purchase the shoes and wore the ensemble last night. I chose bronze, shimmery, snake skin heels! I did ok on my own, as that was one of your suggestions! Better yet — I scored the shoes for a mere $11. They were 1/2 off pluse an additional 80% off! I love a fantastic deal! Thank you!

  • I love all those wonderful coloured shoes but these days unless I want black I can hardly find anything to buy. I don’t wear flats (tight achilles) or very high heels and I’ve narrow feet and I don’t buy cheap plastic. Once upon a time I could find many shoes I coveted but today I keep searching out new shoe shops online to see if anything good is available. And I love shoes, nothing beats a beautiful well made par of shoes that fit and are comfortable. I keep looking though …

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