April Style Challenge


After my FABruary Style Challenge, I decided to run another style challenge in April. Rather than have a specific theme each day, I decided to do weekly themes for you to play with.

You can do the whole month, or just join in for a week or two – it’s up to you!
April Style Challenge


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  • Yay! So glad for this April challenge! I like how it’s formulated, it’s less rigid that the previous February challenge but still gives a scheme. Can’t wait to try it.

  • I’m really looking forward to your new Style Challenge! In theory it should be easier, as we aren’t going on holiday during April, but the challenge will be to try out new outfits and looks – and I’m particularly looking forward to finding my signature style in week 3.

  • I stumbled across your blog while looking for the April Photo Challenge of the day. This is so cool! Im definitely going to try this. Thanks!

  • This is going to be a fun one. I like the weekly theme idea. We recently moved to New Hampshire for my husband to attend a 2-year graduate school program and while the people are very nice and it’s an absolutely gorgeous state (green and trees everywhere) the local style is nearly 100% L.L. Bean (whose headquarters are next door in Maine. “Function over fashion.” There’s nothing wrong with LL Bean, but head to toe = quite boring. Needless to say, I don’t exactly fit in. But I like it that way. One woman at church told me I inspired her to start wearing heels. That’s a major success. I forwarded your newsletter to a friend last night who said she mentioned over Easter weekend that she wanted to get out of her rut.

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