Creating Outfits with Pantone Autumn/Winter 2017 Colour Trends

What are the differences between London and New York Pantone Forecasts? London has a cooler, brighter red in Flame Scarlet as compared to New York’s Grenadine. London’s Primrose Pink is a more muted pink than New York’s highly tinted Ballet Slipper. London’s Toast is a slightly cooler beige than New York’s Butterum London’s Royal Lilac is…

Change your outfit by changing your accessory

How to Choose Accessories to Match Your Personality and Occasion

Hi Imogen, It seems that different personalities especially regards to accessories, associated with a certain refinement level. For example elegant chic & classic seems accessories that associated with mainly level 1 or maybe 2. Relaxed person associated with refinement level 3, or maybe 2. However everybody has life situation that involve various refinement levels. Many…