My Style: Comfy Pants


My style - comfy pants - why I love them and wear them


I’m not much of a pants girl (that’s trousers for you English folk who class pants as underpants, and as I always argued with my English colleagues when I lived and worked in Bristol “pants go on top of underpants, that’s why they are called underpants, as they go under your pants!”.

On the whole I find pants less comfortable than skirts and dresses.  It’s that pesky rise seam that if you gain or lose a kilo or two can go from being comfortable to uncomfortable very quickly.  Because of my H shape, they tend to fall down more easily too.  I don’t have that slimmer waist, so the waistband is about the same size as the hips and they slide down more easily.

But, in Autumn when it’s cool in the morning, but I’m not yet in the mood for tights and boots, I pull out my selection of comfy pants to wear. A stretch element is integral to any pair of pants I wear, not only for the comfort but also because otherwise I have saggy pant butt (which I’ve talked about here because of my flat bum).

Slim Harem Pants

These slim harem style pants are from Motto and for me are basically a more fashionable and glorified version of what in Australia we term ‘tracky dacks’ – that is – athleisure wear.  They just don’t look like a pair of yoga or sweat pants.  Adding a strappy shoe, patterned top and some sparkly jewels dresses them up for everyday.

The key to making comfortable pants look stylish is to remember to accessorize.

Coated Denim Jeans

My dressiest jeans are these coated denim ones.  The coating makes them a little stiffer than my regular jeans, but they still have some stretch for ease and comfort and they look just that little bit more stylish.  Worn with an ankle boot and a textured tweed jacket along with a pretty scarf I’m set for my day.

Ponte Knit

I recently acquired these ponte knit jeggings at Costco (when people ask where I shop, I tell them everywhere as honestly, I do pick up pieces wherever I find them and am no fashion snob).  Add a blouse to dress them up and a leather jacket for some edge, not forgetting a necklace for a pop of colour.


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  • Well, at least you live in a warmer climate where you don’t need to wear five thick thermals underneath them, Imogen. 😉 One reason I also prefer skirts more, I only need to buy in one size. With Pants I need 1-2 sizes due the freezing temperatures in Scandinavia. People even make fun of me constantly asking how many Tights I am wearing and always curious what I wear in Summer. Haha When I was in Croatia with +30’C I slept in my trusty thermal Tights which can be worn skirts and pants (and thick leggings in a pinch) as they look like Opaque nylons but thicker and a bit nicer than super wooly ones.

    The fit itself on Pants has never been a problem to me (as long they are regulare lenght and not too low waisted) but buying multiplies is if you’re a skirt person.

    BTW regarding waistlines on skirts and Trousers I wondering some thing – Is there any difference between having a High and a Long Waist where the waist itself looks like its a short type?

    I’ve a 8″ Waist definition (X shape curves with V shape shoulders and legs) but the width between my hips is very narrow (but X sloped) coz my natural waist is sitting right under my ribbage which has similare measurements (after gaining weight my Bust is 90cm Underbust is 75cm, Waist is 70cm and hips 90cm) and always find very high waisted and tucked in styles works better while my waist doesn’t look like a long Waist and feels like I loose it when it’s not Cinched despite its relatively thin and usually Belt my underbust instead (Corset-esque?).

    Understood what I tryied to ask? Perhaps I’m overlap Waist with Rise shapes, I don’t know. Coz lower rises on Pants tends to hurts my hips and pull at the crotch.

  • Can relate to your article; I’m much more comfortable in pants, and stretch ponte is best. I think my posterior is vertically long compared to my 5’2″ height so I look all bottom. Going to try thick tights with skirts this winter.

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