Smart casual jeans outfits

How to Reinvent Your Style from Corporate to Casual

Reader Question The challenge is reinventing my style without completely replacing my wardrobe for a distinctly new phase in my life. I’m moving from the corporate world to going back to university as a very mature age student. I want to feel comfortable and self-expressive without either standing out too self-consciously so the clothes are…

Petite and plus size shopping tips

How to Find Clothes that Fit When You are Petite and Plus Size

Finding Clothes When You’re Not Manufacturing Standard Sizes It doesn’t matter what your height or size, you can still be stylish. Learning a bit about what works for you and how to put outfits together all that really helps no matter what your height and weight. When you’re petite, finding the right clothes can be…


Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 36

In This Video 0.08 What is your view on wearing blouses or tops that are longer than the sweater or jacket over the top? Doesn’t it draw attention to the hips? 2.05 – With a high value contrast with dark hair, how can I wear a light coloured turtleneck top and create the right ideal…

Going grey - step 1 - Alison Goodman author

A Spicy Gal Goes Grey

by Alison Goodman To grey or not to grey. That has become the question. During four long months in Melbourne lockdown, I saw my meticulously dyed long red hair—a trademark look for me¬—sprout a parting of silvery grey. My first reaction was ‘good grief, hand me the root spray’. Yet, slowly, as the silver grew…