My Style: Sunglasses and How to Choose Them


It was the year 1985, the location was Paris. It was my very first trip overseas and my first and long lasting love affair.

The subject of my affections?


1985 Sunglasses
Wearing my first pair of sunglasses on my European trip of 1985. And yes, I had a perm, it was all the rage back then.

After walking down the street with my eyes weeping as I squinted through the Parisian summertime glare, I bought my first pair of sunglasses and haven’t looked back.

My husband these days laughs at me as I have multiple pairs of sunglasses in my car, in his car, at the front door, at the back door and even in my handbag.

The reason? It’s not because I’m super cool.


My Style Sunglasses and tips on how to choose them

And it’s definitely not because I’m famous and don’t want to be recognised.


It’s because I just can’t see when the sun is out without my eyes watering, and mascara running down my cheeks is not a good look.

My Style Sunglasses and tips on how to choose them
Fendi FF0125/S Sunglasses

Hubby doesn’t get that I can’t go outside for more than a few minutes without wearing sunglasses. So nothing worse than getting in your car and driving away and discovering that you’d left your trusty sunglasses on the hall table at home!

I love and need sunglasses in my life.

My Style Sunglasses and tips on how to choose them


Having spent some time trying different styles on over the years, I’ve discovered for me the butterfly shape where the bridge is lower than the top of the frame (appropriate isn’t it!) is the most flattering kind!


My Style Sunglasses and tips on how to choose them
Prada Cinema Evolution Sunglasses

What’s great these days is you can go online and try on a range of glasses with the great tools for glasses selection (like the ones I’m wearing here courtesy of Vision Direct) so that you can get a good idea of what they will look like before you buy.

Tips on Choosing Sunglasses

1. Colour

Choose a colour that works with you own colouring.

If cool undertone:  try blue, black, grey, silver, white frames, and grey, blue or black lenses.

If warm undertone: try tortoiseshell, olive, brown, gold, bronze frames and brown or green lenses.

My Style Sunglasses and tips on how to choose them
Prada PR170 Sunglasses

2.  Hairstyle

When trying on frames, make sure you’re wearing your hair the way you normally wear it most of the time.  It can affect how the sunglasses look on your face.

My Style Sunglasses and tips on how to choose them3. Glasses Bridge

A high bridge will make your nose and face look longer.  If you already have a long face (or nose), avoid this style which is common in aviator frames.

4. Eyebrows

Top of Frame  – the top bar should imitate the shape of or cover your eyebrows.  If you have bits of eyebrows visible, try a different frame that covers them.

My Style Sunglasses and tips on how to choose them

5. Scale

The scale of the frames shouldn’t overwhelm the size of your face and features.

6. Quality

You want to make sure you get good quality sunglasses that reach high standards as the lenses are protecting your eyes and your ability to see.

My Style Sunglasses and tips on how to choose them
Prada PR170 Sunglasses

7. Prescription

If you need to get a prescription put into your frames make sure the frames are flat like these that I’m wearing, rather than a wraparound style (which can’t have prescription lenses fitted).

More Tips on Choosing Glasses Frames

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Brought to you by Vision Direct and Nuffnang

7 Tips on How to Choose the RIght Pair of Sunglasses to Flatter


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  • This is a very useful post! Choosing sunglasses, or any glasses for that matter, has always been a tricky issue for me. Your post came just in time, i have to get new sunglasses soon ?

  • I – like you – dont leave the house without sunglasses. Especially in summer, when I have to show more skin, I also need more jewellery – otherwise I look naked and half dressed. So usually after I decide which “theme” I go for, I chose my sunglasses accordingly. Like bright green T combined with black jacket, it requires black sunglasses. If I wear a neutral like a dark blue shirt, I will use my bright blue beauty bundle and therefore my blue sunglassses. They look similar to yours, coloured frame and dark glasses.
    I am fortunate that I dont need any special lenses and that I usually look great in those very cheap fashion sunglasses that one can buy almost everywhere. I have them in a basket near the front door, so when I leave the house, I grab the one I need.

  • I had a perm in 1985, too. Who didn’t? I wear sunglasses in the car but that’s about it because I can’t find any small enough to stay on my face. If I’m out and get hot they slide right off. I’d love to find some cheap ones I don’t have to worry about leaving in the hot car that actually fit.

    • If you get sunglasses made from acetate (they tend to be more expensive) the optometrist can fit them to your face so they don’t slide off! You can’t do that with cheap ones.

  • I cannot leave home without sunglasses either. I have multiple ones, but all at home. The range from one dollar price to higher end ones and I love them all regardless. If I don’t have them I am always squinting and feel so uncomfortable. They’ve become my style signifiers.

  • I can’t have a handbag which doesn’t have a pocket for ready access to my sunglasses. It greatly reduces the choice of handbags, but is an utter necessity as far as I am concerned. Part and parcel of being a redhead, my eyes are also more sensitive to damage by sunlight.

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