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Autumn in Melbourne can be hot and cool and as we move through the season the mornings are cool and crisp while the days heat up, so layering is often key.

Fabrics that are more trans-seasonal are also good, nothing too heavy and hot or itchy, nothing too thin and summery.

Green and White with Indigo Jeans


Autumn/Fall outfit inspiration - layers and textures for interest - click to find out more

Jackets are a great way to add warmth in the morning and can be easily shed as the day warms up.  For me as white is my new black (cos they are a great hair enhancer for me), white jackets are now a staple of my trans-seasonal wardrobe.

Column of Navy with Teal

Autumn/Fall outfit inspiration - layers and textures for interest - click to find out more

A column of colour is such an easy way of creating a long slimming silhouette.  Adding the teal jacket and shoes (Tsubo) creates a good colour contrast for me and also the right value contrast.

Black with Sparkle and Leopard Print


Autumn/Fall outfit inspiration - layers and textures for interest - click to find out more

I’ve not bought anything new in black for years.  But I still own some and get it out every now and again.  To make if feel lighter and easier to wear with my light value colouring, I keep my black tops more sheer and wear a light cami underneath to lesson the severity of the darkness of black.  See through fabrics in a light weight are much easier to wear than heavy dense opaque ones when you have light value.

I also find that black with sheen creates a lighter feel than a matte black fabric, hence the sequins and pants with sheen (plus they work with my own natural level of sheen).

Denim Jacket over Faux Fur Textured Vest

Autumn/Fall outfit inspiration - layers and textures for interest - click to find out more

My hair is naturally wavy and to give it a break from the hairdryer, I sometimes wash and wear wavy.  When I do this I like to add more texture to my outfit to create harmony so this textured furry vest worn under my denim jacket adds that element of fuzz that compliments my wavy hair.  Adding the red shoes (Scarlettos) adds a pop of interest to the outfit and ties the red elements together.


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  • Imogen I have very fine hair and it does have some wave. I keep my hair short, use no heat on my hair (it will frizz) and no additional hair products (hair starts looking greasy in about a hour). What sorts of fabrics should I be using?

  • Oh, Imogen, tips on layering seasonless fabrics, music to my brain! Layering successfully, with texture interest and style is not easily achieved…you nailed it!

    I’m going to search your archives, a treasure trove of style hints, to delve even further on layering and seasonless dressing.

    You’re the best, thank you so much for your “tips and tricks” to keep us striving, moving forward, and encouragement to never give up!

    A faithful fan,

    By the way, you are as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

  • Hi Imogen,

    I love the detail on your teal jacket in the post about layering in Autumn. Teal is a newly found colour for me and it’s such a great colour.


  • Hi Imogen you look lovely as usual.So excited that Melbourne and Johannesburg are in the same season and that you are posting autumn layers so that I can get some great ideas . My school uniform was teal so I stayed away from the colour for years but I think it is time to rethink it is such a lovely colour on you and I have the same colouring.

  • Hi Imogen, I noticed on Instagram a couple of photos where you’re wearing a beautiful leather jacket. I was reading a fashion article the other day about things women “of a certain age” shouldn’t wear anymore and leather jackets were listed. I have a gorgeous leather jacket myself, that I wear at this time of year. I wear it in quite a classic way. Just wondering what your thoughts are? It has suddenly knocked my confidence in wearing it.

    • Ignore those lists! Leather jackets are classic! Yes in the past (like 1950s) they were the sign of the young rebel aka James Dean – but we are 70 years past that now and fashions have changed ! Wear your leather jacket!

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