I is for Imagination - Imogen Lamport's A-Z of style

I is for Imagination

Many of us, over time, lose our creativity. Or, we don’t appreciate that we are creative because we’re not creative in the ‘arts’ field – can’t paint or sculpt, write music or poetry. So we think “I’m not creative” and then proceed to go through our lives with that belief. Over the years I’ve been…


Give Yourself a Hand

Do you think much about your hands or are they just there doing stuff for you all day, without you really noticing?  Why should you bother looking after your hands? I do appreciate my hands, and all the things they do for me which include: shake hands hold hands stroke pat express yourself more eloquently…

H is for hips - how to flatter and slim your hips

H is for Hips

Many women are obsessed with their body and perceive it to be lacking. According to a study done by Triumph: 70% of women are not happy with their body, but 79% of their partners ARE happy with their partner’s body (women, listen to your partner, they love your body and think its great!) 82% of…