Van Gogh Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria - NGV

See the Progression of Van Gogh’s Artwork from Beginner to Master

The National Gallery of Victoria has recently opened their winter masterpieces exhibition of Van Gogh and the Seasons which runs until 9 July 2017. It’s the largest ever Van Gogh exhibition to be held in Australia with masterpieces borrowed from collections from across the globe. This exhibition covers Van Gogh’s work in a historical perspective…

How to make a monochromatic outfit more interesting

How to Make a Monochromatic Outfit Interesting

  Monochromatic, meaning one colour (read up on the definition here), outfits can look extremely sophisticated and gorgeous, or if you’re not careful, a little boring and plain.  So how do you ensure that your monochromatic outfits are stylish and sophisticated not dull? Jill Chivers of 16 Style Types and I discuss ways to put…