Threads of India Exhibition

Experience Exquisite Brocades and Ethical Silks at the Threads of India Exhibition

The  Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival brings together not only fashion shows, but also fashion exhibitions and here is one worth visiting if you enjoy seeing exquisite brocades and silks and understanding more about the artisan processes to create the divine garments you see on display. Supported by the Ministry of Textiles India and the…


Step Inside the Divine Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift Exhibition

Let me lead you through this divine exhibition of fashion. From a rare suite of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s iconic little black dresses to voluminous Dior 1950s ballgowns descending a sweeping staircase, The Krystyna Campbell-Pretty Fashion Gift exhibition showcases more than 150 superb garments from Parisien haute couture and international fashion houses.   Generously gifted to…

The Truth About How Ageing Actually Affects Your Style - colouring, body shape, lifestyle, values

The Truth About How Ageing Actually Affects Your Style

I have found at 52 I no longer like the way prints look on me. Printed tops were once a significant part of my wardrobe, but as my hair and colouring have cooled they now overwhelm me. Can you explore the types of style changes one may need to make? What are the changed I…