My Morning Routine

Sponsored by Nuffnang What does your morning routine look like? Mine goes something like this: Wake Up – around 7am Get Up – and have a shower Dress Up – in something that makes me feel great Make Up – it takes no more than 5 minutes Pretty Up – hair is 3 minutes or…


Y is for You

You are beautiful and unique Your body architecture is yours alone. You are not one of 5 or even 10 body shapes and that is all you need to know. You are much more than that. Your body architecture is a combination of silhouette, proportions, scale, texture, sheen, somatotype, colouring, defining features and most importantly,…

Where to end your hems on garments - x marks the spot

X Marks the Spot

X Marks The Sweet Spot for Hems of All Kinds We all have sweet spots on our bodies that hems end and flatter us. Hems for sleeves, for tops and jackets, for coats, skirts, dresses and pants. Finding your sweet spot can take a little determination and trying different things out, but once you’ve figured…