Creating Outfits with Pantone Autumn/Winter 2017 Colour Trends


How to create outfits using the Pantone Autumn/Winter 2017 New York and London colours - click here to see examples

What are the differences between London and New York Pantone Forecasts?

  • London has a cooler, brighter red in Flame Scarlet as compared to New York’s Grenadine.
  • London’s Primrose Pink is a more muted pink than New York’s highly tinted Ballet Slipper.
  • London’s Toast is a slightly cooler beige than New York’s Butterum
  • London’s Royal Lilac is more violet than the New York Tawny Port, which is a warm burgundy
  • London’s Golden Olive is more muted than New York’s Golden Lime
  • London’s Blue Bell is cool and light while New York includes a mid-blue shade of Marina
  • London’s Copper Tan is a great warm peach shade that will suit many with a warm complexion while New York’s Autumn Maple is a stronger toasted warm colour which will be more limited to those with distinctly warm complexions.
  • London’s palette includes a warm yellow in Lemon Curry.  New York a cool green in Shaded Spruce.
  • London’s Otter is a welcome return to brown in the wardrobe for those with a cool undertone.
  • New York includes Neutral Grey which will work for those who find that grey is a good neutral for them given that it’s not particularly warm or cool in its undertone.
  • They both include the fabulous universal neutral of Navy Peony, a fabulous option for both warm and cool alike.

London Autumn Colour Forecast 2017

Pantone Autumn 2017 London fashion forecast
London 2017 Pantone Autumn Fashion Colour Forecast

 New York Fall 2017 Colour Forecast

Pantone Autumn 2017 New York Fashion Forecast
Pantone New York Autumn/Fall 2017 colour fashion forecast

How to Mix the Pantone Fall 2017 Colours

There are a selection of both warm and cool colours in both palettes that have been popularised on the runways of New York and London’s fashion weeks recently.

To give you an idea of how to mix them I’ve created a few outfits to inspire you  to have fun with colour this autumn and winter.

Colours from London Autumn/Winter 2017 Fashion Week

London Pantone Colour Forecast 2017 Autumn - how to put the colours together
Cool Flame Scarlet worked back with Otter, Navy Peony and Toast.
Pantone Yellow Curry - London colour forecast Autumn 2017
Warm Lemon Curry and Golden Olive paired with Navy Peony and Copper Tan with a touch of Toast.


Pantone Colour Forecast - London Autumn 2017
Cool Primrose Pink and Blue Bell paired with neutral Toast and a touch of Royal Lilac


New York Fall/Winter Colours 2017

Pantone Fall 2017 New York fashion colours
Cool Shaded Spruce plays well with Ballet Slipper, Marina, Neutral Grey and Butterum


Pantone New York Fall 2017 Colour mixing
Dare to pair Tawny Port with warm Grenadine, set off with Autumn Maple, Navy Peony and Butterum

Which of the Pantone Autumn/Winter colours are you hoping to see in stores and which will enter your wardrobe this year?

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  • I thought it interesting that they split out the colors betweeen New York and London. I don’t remember them doing that before! I also miss Leatrice’s enthusiastically complete commentaries…

  • Thank for a fantastic blog. I have learned so much. So far I understand that turqoise and teal are universal colours, that can be used by both warm and cool persons. I would love, if you would consider to write a post about universal colours in general.

  • Would never have thought of wearing tawny port with bright coral/red grenadine. Not sure I could carry this off but thank you for putting outfits together that look WOW & challenge your readers.

  • Imogen, how do the Pantone colours work across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres? Are the Fall/Winter 2017 colours for the Southern Hemisphere the same as the Spring/Summer 2017 colours for the Northern Hemisphere?

    I have wondered about this for awhile, so I hope you are able to clarify how this works and when and where each set of Pantone colours applies.

    • We tend to get a mix of the Autumn/Winter in our Spring/Summer and vice versa – but I think they follow the Pantone colours less here than North America as there are colours we expect to see that never ever turn up here.

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