Expressing Your Style, Your Way


Expressing Your Style, Your Way - Authentic Style expression

I am the best version of me

I recently received this fun tee from Future Poet and it set me thinking about how this is such an important message for us all to take on board.  

As the saying goes “be you, because everyone else is taken” and this applies to your personal style as much as it does to anything else you do in life.

If you are only ever copying the style of others, then you are probably never going to feel or look as great as you could, as you’re a replica, not the original, (and why I wrote this post on why cover bands don’t change the world) and often why a style works so well on the original who created it, is that it’s an expression of their inner being, it’s totally authentic to them.

You may notice that I’m never telling you to put together an outfit exactly like mine, or that you should dress in any way like me.  When I’m working with clients, the best results come when I can get inside their head and help them express who they are, what they like, what is important to them through their style, not using a formula that tells them to wear x with y and z.  It’s nothing to do with me and what I personally like.  It’s all about them and helping them be the very best version of themselves in a way that is authentic and true, that shows their smarts, their heart, and their personality.

This is why my work on 16 Style Types has been so amazing,  as it’s been really helping women come to terms with their own preferences, and understanding and letting go of messages that they might be carrying around about how they “should be” more like others in some way or other.  Whether it’s a feeling that their style should be more creative or eclectic, or the alternative, that is should be more understated and refined (or whatever their messages have been).

When you can claim your style, and be the best version of you, when you know to your core that you human and imperfect (and it’s those imperfections that make us unique and interesting people).  Perfection doesn’t exist in my book, there is no such thing as a perfect outfit.  What’s important is that what you wear is a way of expressing yourself, that it’s not shallow or indulgent, that it’s an important way of showing the world who you really are, then the magic happens.

I was listening to my friend and colleague Zayna Rose’s podcast On Stage Style and as she says, there has never been a better  time to get deliberate and organised about the way you present yourself to the world as you’re on stage every time you communicate in your personal life, your work life, your digital life and as image consultants, we want the world to see how brilliant and charming you really are.   By building a style that expresses your authentic personality this will open doors as you will look and feel more confident.  Whether or not you spend any time on an actual stage in the spotlight, your image is a powerful tool that is communicating for you, with everyone you interact with, all the time.

This is why I’ve spent countless hours over the past decade writing all the blog posts you find here on Inside Out Style, plus crafting the most comprehensive online style programs to help you empower yourself to discover and present your own best version of you.  My passion is helping you discover and express your style.

Now I’d love you to tell me:

  • What have you done that has helped you be the best version of you? 
  • What doors has this opened for you? 
  • How has this changed your life? 

I’d love to know!  Please do share in the comments.

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Expressing Your Style, Your Way - why authentic style is imperative


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  • Thank you for this insightful article, and truly all the years of wisdom and experience that you share so freely with those who read your blog. I do greatly appreciate your heart of kindness and service.

    I found your questions today really interesting and could not help but want to share.

    1. What have you done that has helped you be the best version of you?

    I believe that what has helped me be the best version of me is to own my own choices and decisions. Firstly, my relationship with God, and His Son Jesus Christ gives me my identity as a child of God, and truly that exudes from me as confidence, security, a heart of service and joy and friendliness, etc.

    Secondly, my choices for my style and wardrobe have evolved and moved from business, formal, to more creative, artistic, thanks in part to your blog and the freedom I have found to express myself as your articles describes.

    2. What doors has this opened for you?

    I truly believe that evolving my style has made me more approachable, more friendly looking, and more authentic to my inner transformed character as I grow to be more like Jesus. I think that moving from blacks, greys, and dark blues, to pinks, light greens, lighter blues, etc., not to forget to mention patterns, like animal prints, florals and stripes, exudes a warmth, openness and uniqueness. Also, I have added more fun and playful elements to my outfits, like scarves, flared skirts, not just pencil skirts, and more leggings, tights, booties, etc. All more creative and less formal and I do believe more approachable.

    So, these style changes have aided in my various ministries and career choices as hostess, educator, lifestyle coach and even in my Biblical counseling as people are seeking me out and opening up their hearts and minds to seek my wisdom. So, the doors that have been open are the doors to serving people as they get see me as unique and creative, get to know me as loving and caring, and get to experience the Biblical truths and wisdom that I can share to help them solve life issues.

    3. How has this changed your life?

    I have greater joy in service, in my life calling, in my career choices. And I have greater freedom to express me, thus attracting people to me as I desire to point them to a deeper knowledge and love for Jesus. I have greater peace to be true to my self, to represent Jesus and to aid others to learn and grow in their spiritual journeys. I feel more authentic on the outside to reflect who I am on the inside.

    And truly, I do thank you, Imogen, for you have played a huge part in my education of fashion and style. Again, thank you for sharing your wisdom so freely with us.

  • Thanks Rose for your thoughtful and indepth answer! I’m always fascinated to understand more about how style impacts on people’s lives. I was brought up with the message that it was shallow and unimportant, yet I’ve seen over and over in my work that style and image are way more than skin deep and it can have a profound impact on your whole life.

  • I’ve been working on my colors, contrast level and lines for a few years now. I’m a slow learner! I’m also finally losing my extra weight with intermittent fasting and whole foods, plant based eating, which makes getting dressed more fun each day, as I get thinner. I haven’t put all these hours into what I look like out of vanity…I’m a 53 year old, overweight, mother of 5! Not trying to be a beauty queen or anything! LOL I love beauty and harmony. I feel like I am part of a painting in the back drop of my life and I want to paint myself in a way that brings out the prettiest painting…the colors that make my eyes sizzle and frames my hair with my body, lines that draw the eyes to my face and that flow like water. I’m a soft summer and I love clothes that flow and cascade. I’ve found that most colors are too bright for me and when I wear them, you don’t even know what color my eyes are, but wearing my washed out/greyed colors brings my eyes to center stage. My husband can’t stop saying how lovely I look every day and how pretty my eyes are….they are little blue/grey/teal eyes that are easy to miss, so it’s fun that he notices them now. I used to hate getting dressed in the morning, now I love it. I probably have a lot to learn still, but I’m really enjoying the journey. I’ve learned how to sew, because I want certain styles, colors and fabric and it’s easiest to just make them myself. I also make my own jewelry and cut my own hair…it’s all part of the art aspect for me. I’m “painting” me with sewing, jewelry making, make-up and hair cutting. I don’t know if this answers your questions above, but it is what it made me think of. I love your website.

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