Meet Our New Puppies Bo and Arrow


Bo and Arrow the whippet puppies

Recently we lost our gorgeous whippet Cleo to cancer and so it is with great joy that I’m introducing you to our new family members, Bo and Arrow the whippet puppies.   Currently they are 9 weeks old and just starting to look whippety.   They brother and sister (from a litter of 8) and we had only planned on one, but then succumbed to two as they do love a canine companion (and having another whippet in the house means zoomies are so much more fun).

It’s been a long time since I last had a puppy, (seriously, I was 17 years old) as my last few whippets have all been rescue dogs that came to as adults.  

Preparing to have puppies in our lives has meant that we have to think about what can be chewed (shoes!) that we don’t want to be chewed, and how to best train Bo and Arrow so they’re  lovely members of our family.   There will be much training to be done and many excuses to get up from my desk and to take a quick walk around the block.  First thing though, is we have to teach them to walk on a lead, and not being particularly food focussed dogs, this is a little tricky!

Bo and Arrow the whippet puppies
Why the names Bo and Arrow? Look on their necks, Bo has a bow-shaped white marking, and Arrow has an arrowhead – what a perfect pair!

I’ve really missed having a dog as working from home means that I’m frequently alone, the lovely Kate only works here twice a week, the rest of the time I’m on my own, and I really have noticed how much having that interaction with another living being makes my work life so much more enjoyable. Sure I’m an introvert, but I do like to spend time with others, and a whippet is a brilliant companion.

Why whippets?  Well, I’ve discovered that they have the right personality for me.  They are either on (running outside) or off (couch potatoes, curled up on their bed next to my desk).  They are not too large so you can pick them up when needed, they don’t eat much and they require very very little grooming.  They don’t shed much hair (so not too much vacuuming) and rarely need bathing (unless they’ve gone and found something stinky to roll in).

What we’ve noticed about their personalities s far?  Bo is a smoocher and snuggler, and also a livewire, she’s got lots of energy. Arrow is a little more chill, but he’s quite a bit bigger than Bo, is chattier and grumbles more and he likes to sleep under my desk. They both are very “chewy” so I’m constantly keeping an eye on them so they don’t get into too much mischief.

I really do find that I’m happier (in fact meeting these guys and their brothers and sisters, parents, aunts and uncles a few of weeks ago was one of the highlights of my life, so much better than Christmas) when I have a lovely pet in my life.  They bring a sense of fun and joy to each day.

We hope to have many many years of love and fun with these two little tricksters!  

You can find them on Instagram @whippetheaven



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  • So thrilled for you, Imogen. I know the pain of losing a loved pet. Like you, I recognise that I am better with a fur baby and thank her each day for the joy she brings. May you have many happy years with Bo and Arrow. Good luck with the training!

  • They’re gorgeous Imogen and such cute names. Our beautiful 11 year old Malamute has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour so every moment for us is precious right now. I too am introverted (INFJ) and don’t know what I’ll do without him when he goes we have such a special bond and he’s just so lovely; I’m a true homebody and home won’t be the same without him. I look forward to seeing updates on Bo and Arrow.

    • Sorry to read about your beloved dog! Enjoy your last days together – they are so special. I know for me the house just felt so quiet and just not right without a dog, which is why we went on the hunt for puppies as soon as we could! They bring such joy.

  • Imogen! I’m so happy for you and your family!!! What beautiful puppies. I can completely understand and relate to what you said in your post about the joys of having them. (we got our standard poodle almost 2 and a half years ago, having never had a dog before-I was 53-I am amazed by the happiness he brings us). Good luck with everything and I’ll be watching for updates!

    • Thanks Cathy -they are bringing us so much joy and fun. I’ve had whippets now since I was 17 and hate to be without them as we say in our house “happiness is a warm whippet”~

  • So excited for you! Wow! 2 puppies is alot! I am a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind. I have raised 4 1/2 dogs in 6 years. So I know a lot about puppies. Let me know if you need any hints from California. I don’t know anything about whippets.
    I don’t know what I would do without my dogs!

    In dog love,

    • Yes 2 puppies is a lot – though I don’t think whippet puppies are quite the energy balls that labradors are! I have a friend who is also a guide dog puppy raiser and she’s giving me tips – problem is – whippets are not particularly food focussed so harder to train!

  • Fantastic news! I know how hard losing a pet is, they are after all family! Yes having puppies is hard work, but so rewarding, you could consider crate training for those times when you cannot watch them, I use it for my dogs and it saves a lot of the chewing and also gives them a safe place to go, good luck with these two beautiful additions to your family! By the way love the names!

    • We are crate training – otherwise they’d be chewing the power cords when I’m not watching (and the walls, skirting boards, chair legs, lamps ….) I’ve also got a puppy playpen that they are in while I work – a bit more space than the crate but keeps them from getting into mischief so I can do some work!

  • Hello Imogen, it was really lovely to read about your new pups as it brought back memories of my first two whippet pups bought 32 years ago. I was only intending to get one but after the first one arrived I had a think about it overnight and got a second from the same litter the following day! Of course this was before I discovered that those quiet, demure looking dogs didn’t start out that way! The chewing that went on was a shock! My family had lots of dogs when I was growing up but nothing in the sighthound group so I wasn’t familiar with the sighthound temperament until I had two of them. I found that they really just suited me for the same reasons you have listed and eventually had 6 of them. I think they are really compatible with introvert people! I was working at home when I had my little gang of them and they are really suitable for home workers – it was one of the things mentioned in the research I did before buying my first pair. I really liked the way they would all just laze about on the settee whilst I got on with work. Other breeds of dogs can be very “busy” all the time. It is 16 yrs since my last one died and as I’d had to go back out to work I couldn’t get another but if my situation allowed it they are still the breed I would choose. Just reading what you wrote brought back memories of the joy they brought to my life. On a side note, I noticed that they seem to be blue or silver fawn brindles and Cleo seemed to be silver fawn also so your dogs are cool like yourself! (My first two were blue and it was only when I became interested in colour theory a few years after that I realised why their colour was so appealing to me and why my neighbour (warm) just did not like their colour at all!)

    • They are so cute (and at the moment kind of destructive with their chewing). Cleo was a fawn, these two are blue brindle – so nice and cool to match me!

  • They are adorable, as was Chloe. I love their names! I, too, went after one pup but came home with two, with my Bostons. Still miss them so much. Dogs are the best company you can have. I hope we’ll be seeing more of these two.

  • You’re writing style is so personal and open now. I am enjoying it very much reading over these after being away for awhile.
    They’re very pretty dogs aren’t they and having company is so nice, I know that now my kids are grown up and always out and about. I might have to get a puppy too!

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