Tips on Choosing the Right Eyebrow Make-up Product


Pencil, crayon, powder, felt tip liner?  What kind of product do you use to enhance your eyebrows?

Why You May Need Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrows are such an important part of your ability to express emotion and convey expression. 

  • A raised eyebrow
  • A frown
  • A look of surprise

All these are conveyed with your brows.  Look at the Mona Lisa, notice how she has an enigmatic expression.  It’s impossible to read her face as she is without brows (it was the fashion trend at the time to pluck them out).

Why do eyebrows matter? Check out the Mona Lisa - she has none and so it's hard to understand her expression

This is why if your brows are sparse or fading away, putting a little powder or pencil on them will really make a huge difference to your face. 

Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes – the bring attention to them.

Tips on Selecting the Right Makeup Products for Your Eyebrows

In the video above I discuss some of the common brow products you could consider.

Brow powder – great if you have sparse brows that you want to make look a touch darker or thicker

Brow pencils – work well and fill in where brows have gone missing – use short strokes to imitate hair

Brow Felt Tip liner – a newer version of the brow pencil and really easy to use.

Fast and Easy Eyebrow Tutorial

Below is a video with tips on applying eyebrow  – a fast and easy eyebrow tutorial.


I’ll always remember a training program I was running when one younger student (in her 20s who had strong eyebrows naturally) mentioned that she’d never think about using a brow product.  I showed her by applying one eyebrow with a pencil to my brow, just what a difference an eyebrow product can make – she suddenly saw how having a defined brow brought attention to the eyes.

What’s your favourite eyebrow product?

Tips on Choosing the Right Eyebrow Make-up Product


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  • I actually prefer the brow mascaras. They darken the hairs (especially nice for the ones that have, ahem, lost pigment) and make them a little thicker without coloring in the skin. It’s a look that is enhanced without looking “done.” I also like to get my brows and lashes tinted periodically. It’s especially nice for vacations when I want to look nice poolside without sporting a face full of makeup. Sunscreen, tinted lip balm and go!

  • Coincidence or not? … Exactly before I opened this just now, I’d just been reading an article on “Brow Builders” in this month’s (May 2019) Better Homes & Gardens magazine! Timely topic 🙂

  • I had naturally dark, thick brows but they are changing. They are thinning on the inside edge and I use a pencil for this. They also have patches of grey which I cover with either Rimmel’s Brow This Way ‘Mascara’ or Model’s Perfect Brow Tint texta. I like to get them and lashes tinted especially for Summer but find the grey doesn’t cover well unless I go quite dark.

  • This was perfect timing for me as trying different products for sparse 65 yr old brows. I also get them tinted but that doesnt help the areas where there is now more skin than hairs. Would love to see even more videos and articles on beauty and fashion issues with aging! Thanks.

  • I’ve been using a brow cream (reminds me of cream eyeshadow) but want to try the mascaras. I need to go to the makeup counter so I can match a color.
    I absolutely love your butterfly necklace in the first video.

  • My brows are thinning from the outside, but are still quite dark in the middle. In addition, I add red to my natural hair color, so my brows don’t quite “match”, especially when my hair is freshly dyed. For years I’ve used eyebrow products to add a little auburn and make my brows blend with my hair color.

    My absolute favorite (I’m in the US) is Maybelline’s Define +Fill Duo. It’s the best if both worlds. One side has a more traditional pencil, which is firm, but still soft enough to fill nicely. (Some pencils barely leave a mark on me.). I use this in the center of my brow, where I have plenty of hair, to blend the colors and to fill in any little gaps.

    The other side has a pointed sponge tip that applies filling powder. I use that on the outsides of my brow, where there is far less hair. As long as I use a mascara brush to blend, it gives me a nice, fuller arch without looking like I’ve used a product.

    My only complaint is that Maybelline’s quality control isn’t perfect. I have occasionally had a pencil side that is too brittle or a sponge that doesn’t deliver the powder properly. But in spite of that, it’s still the best product I’ve used.

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