4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery


Do you have some jewellery, necklaces or earrings you don’t wear because the colour is wrong (or there is something else about it you don’t love)?  Frequently presents of jewellery are lovely, but just not quite right.  Most commonly the colour is off, and if it’s in a palette that clashes with the rest of your wardrobe, you can feel bad about not wearing the item because it just doesn’t go.  Rather than leave your jewellery languishing, here are 4 easy ways to revamp your jewellery to make it something that you love and will wear and appreciate.

To inspire you into finding some quick and easy ways to improve on your costume jewellery and to turn it into something you love I’ve collected some examples from some of my amazing 7 Steps to Style members who have shared their efforts and successes.

1. Dye Your Beads

Have you ever thought about dying your beads?  It won’t work if they are plastic or glass, but it may work if they are made of wood or are a seed.   Here is an example of tagua seed beads dyed with magenta Procion MX dye (which is a dye for cotton and silk).

4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery - dye natural beads with cotton or silk dye

Here the orange beads were dyed with magenta, and the ivory ones were brightened with a pearl nail polish.

Natural materials can dye reasonably easily.  So next time you’re overdyeing one of your garments, why not dip your jewellery in the pot too!

2. Paint Your Jewellery with Nail Polish to Change the Colour

Sick of the colour of your costume jewellery?  Whether it’s plastic or metal or many other kinds of surface, nail polish can change the colour easily.

4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery - use nailpolish to change elements of colour

The orange pieces became purple.

4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery - use nailpolish to change the colour of beads

The yellow ‘stones’ became teal.

4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery - paint the coloured beads you don't like with nailpolish
Used purple nail polish and restrung to add gold.

The lifeless light green became a jewelled violet.


4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery

These yellow beads are now green.

4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery

And these leather earrings were also given a coat of raspberry polish to change their colour.


3. Rework Your Necklace

Don’t like one or more of the elements of your necklace?  It’s not too hard to change elements of them up.

4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery- swap out feature beads
Changed pendant to emphasize oranges and harmonize better with round shapes

Improving a piece can be as simple as taking out one feature bead and replacing it with another that you love.  

To a more complex project where you restring and rework the entire piece.

4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery - remake your necklace

Here some beads were removed and new ones added plus a new cord to tie the new elements together.

Earrings too long or just too much going on?   Why not make a few tweaks.4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery

Get the right length and right colour contrast with a few easy adjustments.  You just need a pair of jewellery pliers (find out more about some of these kinds of tweaks in this post).


4. Make Sure it Sit’s at the Perfect Length

Changing the cord means that you can change the length and texture (should you so wish), and ensure that your necklace ends right on your balance point creating harmony with your appearance.

4 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery - change the cord so it sits at your balance point
Changed chain to a more substantial gold, and weaved a dark red leather cord for added color and Value Contrast.

These are easy ways to revamp and improve upon your existing jewellery to make them that much better.  

Not sure where to end your necklaces?  Then check out this post.

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4 asy Ways to Revamp Your Jewellery


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