How to Choose the Right Style of Foundation For You


What’s the Right Style of Foundation for You?

There are lots of different kinds of makeup foundations to choose from these days.  Liquids, creams, powder, to name three.   Each has its own advantages and when deciding what to wear, you may want to consider what kind of coverage you’re after.  Watch the video below for more tips.


There is no one right solution.  You may find you use more than one kind, depending on your needs for the day.

Mineral Powder Foundation

They are the easiest to apply and colour matching doesn’t have to be so exquisite (as heavier liquid or cream foundations need).  They contain no talc so don’t sit in lines in the way that some of the setting powders can.

They are really fast to apply, you can just brush them on in seconds.  If you’re more “low maintenance” with regards to your makeup and grooming, these can be a great solution as they take little time or skill to apply.

They are often great for reducing the appearance of redness in skin too, plus you can use as a concealer, just grab an eyeshadow brush (clean) and layer extra where you’d want to conceal.

Mineral powders come both as loose powders and in a pressed format.  I personally prefer the pressed format as the powder doesn’t end up all over the bathroom!

Liquid Foundation

I use a lightweight Liquid Jojoba foundation which has some coverage and isn’t drying and has a dewy finish.  There are many types of liquid foundations, some lighter, some heavier and thicker, depending on how much you want to conceal your skin.

You do need to be more specific about colour selection – and remember that when choosing a foundation colour, you are matching the colour to the OVERTONE of your skin, not the UNDERTONE  (more tips on undertone and overtone here).   What does this mean?  Well, many companies will tell you they have cool or warm colours in their foundation colours to choose from.  Don’t think that just because you are cool, you must only select from the cool colours.  As the cool colours will have a pinkish tone, these may or may not suit your skin overtone (how it appears).  

Kind of confused?  Well, I have a warm overtone (yellowish) but have a cool undertone (look best in cool undertone colours).   So my foundation has a slight yellowish base.  

I have had plenty of clients who have pinkish overtone (sometimes some ruddiness) and have a warm undertone, but their overtone is cool (pinkish) so we select a pinkish or “cool” foundation for them as you don’t want to change the skin colour with foundation, but instead want to make your skin look more even.

For more tips and another video on this – check out this blog post.

You can apply with your fingers or a foundation brush.  My favourite sort of foundation brush is one like this (rather than the ones that look like paint brushes) as I feel that they really give a better finish.

They can be used on creme and mineral powders too!

Where possible I like to choose a liquid foundation that has some SPF in it, just to give that extra layer of protection to my skin.

Creme Foundation

These need to be applied with a sponge and are a heavier and thicker style of foundation.  They also are the most moist usually, so great for dry skin.

Just like with a liquid foundation, you will need to be more careful choosing the colour to blend with your skin.

They can be great for travel (no chance of a bottle top coming loose and going everywhere) and are easy to pop in your handbag for touch-ups during the day if this is something you choose to do.


Stick Foundations

These are another option.  I find them the thickest and heaviest finish (much less natural) and you really have to be very careful about selecting the right colour to blend with your skin.  

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How to Choose the Right Style of Foundation For You


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