How to Choose an Eyeshadow Colour to Enhance Your Eyes


How to choose the right eyeshadow colour to enhance your eyes – the ideal colours make your eyes pop and look brighter, and their colour more intense.  In this video, you’ll discover my tips on finding the most flattering eyeshadow colours for your eyes and see my warm and cool eyeshadow palettes that I use with my clients in their personal colour analysis consultation.


Finding the Ideal Eyeshadow Colours

Use your colour palette (from a personal colour analysis) to help find the ideal colours – if the colours in the palette work with the eyeshadow colours – then they are likely to be a good choice.  Eyeshadow and makeup is usually softer in intensity than the colours you may wear, so as long as the eyeshadow colours blend with the undertone of your colour palette (and if you haven’t got one, you can get one as part of my 7 Steps to Style program), then you’re on the right track.

Use the colour wheel and colour relationships (which I’ve written about here) to find colours that intensify or brighten your eye colour.  Going across to the complementary and then around to the triadic colours from your eye colour (as demonstrated in this video) is a way to find colours that will make your peepers pop!   Love to have your own version of the one I’m holding in the video?  This is a tonal colour wheel and great for choosing makeup – you can find them here.


How to Choose an Eyeshadow Colour to Enhance Your Eyes


Warm Undertone  Eyeshadows

How to choose eyeshadow colours - warm eyeshadow colours


Blue eyes:   Bronze, Gold, Brown     

Brown eyes: Olive Green, Gold, Bronze, Coral

Green eyes: Violet, Bronze, Camel, Brown 

Hazel eyes:  Mauve, Bronze, Camel

You can also use your eye colour in a dark version as an eyeliner.  But be careful of using your eye colour as a shadow as often your eye colour will be softer and more muted than the shadow, and then the shadow overshadows your eye colour, rather than making your eyes pop -your shadow pops instead.

Cool Undertone Eyeshadows

How to choose eyeshadow colours - cool eyeshadow colours


Blue or Blue/Grey eyes:   Pink, Cool Brown, Grey

Brown eyes:   Blue, Navy, Silver, Pink, Forest Green, Teal

Green eyes: Lilac, pink, Cool  Brown

Blue/Green eyes: Pink, Cool Brown, Navy or Deep Teal as an eyeliner

So there you have it – your cheat sheet for selecting the eyeshadow colours that will flatter your eye colour and make them pop – as the eyes are the window to your soul!


How to Choose an Eyeshadow Colour to Enhance Your Eyes



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