Winning the AICI Jane Segerstrom Award 2019


I’ve just spent 4 days at the AICI Global Conference in Chicago along with 300 other image professionals from around the globe.  It’s a time for learning and growing and connecting with others in my industry, many who have become friends over the years.  These women and men have become my AICI family.  When you work alone in your own business it can get lonely and it’s wonderful to have others who share the same passion as I do, to connect with, bounce ideas off and share the entrepreneurial journey with.

Not only did I get to attend some inspiring educational sessions at the conference, I also presented a session to a packed room of 100 image professionals on 16 Style Types.

On Saturday night was the annual gala conference dinner, and during this dinner a few very special awards are presented, including the most prestigious award given by AICI – the Jane Segerstrom award.

With Sue Donnelly at the AICI Conference in Chicago
With Sue Donnelly

In typical award show fashion, the winner’s identity is revealed slowly.  I sat at my table between two queen’s of the industry, Sue Donnelly and Brenda Kinsel.  As the President of AICI International Board Riet de Vlieger gradually revealed the winner’s identity, Sue reached out and held my hand and said “It’s you!  It’s you!”  and a few moments later when the information became specific as Riet mentioned my work in creating the ground-breaking 16 Style Types, I knew that she was correct.

with Brenda Kinsel at the AICI Conference in Chicago
With Brenda Kinsel

This award is named in honour of the late Jane Segerstrom, an AICI Houston Chapter and AICI International Board member, whose vision and association work set the foundation of AICI’s international growth. The Jane Segerstrom Award is bestowed upon a person who has helped to further our worldwide association/industry vision and was first awarded in 1997. The recipient of this award is selected by the AICI Board of Directors.

Receiving the AICI Jane Segerstrom award from President Riet de Vlieger in Chicago 2019
with President Riet de Vlieger

My award reads For actively supporting and promoting a positive image in our society and it’s my work here on Inside Out Style, empowering you to use the tools of colour and style, to find your own personal style and express yourself through your image, that has garnered me this award. So I’d like to share it with you, my wonderful readers who support this blog and are engaged to learn more day after day!  Thank you for reading.

Award winning Image Consultant Imogen Lamport with the Jane Segerstrom Award


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  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! So well deserved!!!
    So happy for you and us!!!
    Love your work!
    Is that an Apple Watch I see on your wrist? Could you please do a post about wearing it different ways? (Yes , reward for work well done is more work, is very apt)

  • I was so happy for you, Imogen, when I learned from fellow 7 Steps to Style members that you won this award. What is better than receiving recognition from people you respect and who know what it takes to achieve–and maintain–excellence and break new ground, too? Reading about your well-deserved accomplishment, I feel freshly inspired to stay the course in my own endeavors when the going gets tough.

  • Congratulations! What an awesome night that must have been for you and so well deserved! I only wish I could have you personally do my colors, but Ohio USA and Australia are so far apart!

  • You So deserve this award. Your blog is full of info and positivity.
    You preach empowerment and I like that.

  • Congratulations, Imogen! Very well deserved. Thank you for everything you share here on your blog and for all the information that you so generously share with your students too. You are amazing xx

  • You have so much amazingness! Congratulations and well deserved. Your innovative & intelligent Absolute Colour System is also well deserved of recognition too. Fantastic news.

  • Well done Imogen! I’m so glad for you. To be valued and applauded by your peers, your fellow professionals, is praise indeed. You absolutely deserve this.

  • Oh, Imogen, being recognized by your peers, how wonderful for you! ?? I can’t possibly say anything that hasn’t already been said except that you are so beautiful in body, mind and spirit . Your readers and fans ( like me), love and adore you? you are the best!
    your faithful fan,

  • Congratulations, Imogen! You are outstanding and it is so lovely to see your contributions recognised. You are empowering peple to change their lives for the better.

  • Congratulations! Well deserved. Your blog is a real treasury of useful advice and interesting information. Keep up the good work!

  • Congratulations, Imogen! I am delighted that you got this well-deserved award! Not only are you inspiring, but I feel that you honor the individual beautifully and encourage each person to develop their own style.

  • As a frumpy 40 something I stumbled upon one of your images on Polyvore. I followed that image back to your blog and never looked back. As a result I am now a fashionable 50 something. Congratulations! Enjoy your well deserved award!

  • Congratulations, Imogen. And thank you for your generosity in sharing your expertise with us. I have learned so much from reading your blog.

  • Congratulations Imogen! I am really happy for you. Your blog is always informative and inspiring. It is a well-deserved award!

  • Congratulations Imogen, that’s so well deserved. Thank you for all your hard work and your positive message, you really do share style in a way that uplifts and empowers.

  • Congratulations on receiving the award and the peer recognition that this represents. I guess the fact that I don’t read style blogs quite as often as I used to means that you all share your knowledge so well that I currently have a good handle on my own style. Despite that, it is wonderful to find the time to check in for reminders, to see what all of the awesome bloggers are up to, and to make sure all my “friends” are well. Thanks for all of the freely shared inspiration and hints that helped me to define myself.

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