Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video 17


This week in the style video bundle you get more than 65 minutes of colour and style tips based on the questions I get asked by you, my readers!  Totally bingeworthy!

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In this Video

0.08 How to make my more classic structured outfits more friendly and approachable?
5.06 If you have low-value contrast and high colour contrast what colours do you wear with darker denim jeans?
10.15 What’s the secret to the women I see of all shapes and sizes who look effortlessly stylish?

How to Look more Approachable or Authoritative – Use Yin and Yang Design Elements

Using Yin and Yang in Clothing Design to Balance Your Appearance

How to Understand the Yin and Yang of Clothing

More on Identifying Yin and Yang in Clothing Design

Want to understand your yin and yang more fully?  This is part of my 7 Steps to Style program with a specific Yin and Yang quiz which helps you understand how your natural appearance, personality, movement, and voice all impact on how you communicate and how you can use this to communicate more effectively with your image.  Find out more here.

What’s the Secret to Effortless Style?  Authenticity and Your Style Essence

Discover your Style Type here and find out your approach to style!

Tips on Finding and Defining Your Authentic Style DNA

Finding You Authentic Style DNA

What World Champion Gymnasts Can Teach You About Becoming More Stylish

In this Video

0.10: How to combine your existing black clothes with your more flattering muted palette
3.31: Tips on wearing coloured tights
7.08 – Can a belt be the focal point for X and 8 Shapes


Working With Black When it’s Now Your Best

Working with Your Existing Wardrobe: The Black Dilemma

3 Ways to Incorporate Black Garments When It’s Not Your Best Colour

How to Wear the LBD When Black Isn’t Your Best Colour

Coloured Tights

How to Choose Hosiery to Go with Coloured Shoes

Stylish Thoughts – Ephemera

6 Quick Tips for Choosing Patterned Tights

Belting Tips

How to Choose a Belt

To Belt or Not To Belt? Which Body Shapes Look Best in Belts

Should I Belt Under or Over My Cardigan with a Short Waist?

How to Solve the Belting Dilemmas for Short Waisted Women

In this Video

0.08 How to dress for a barrel chest when the advice for an X shape is to wear fitted tops?
1.31 How to start developing your style when you have none!
10.09 Wardrobe capsules seem restrictive – why are they the ‘way to go’?

X Shape Tips

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress X Shape Bodies

What Guidelines to Follow When Your Body Shape isn’t “Standard”

Body Shapes Explained – X Shape Hourglass


How to Develop Your Style

How to Build Your Style from Ground Zero

How to Build Your Style Muscles and Become More Stylish

How to Train Your Eye To Create Stylish Outfits

10 Rules to Transform Your Personal Style

Wardrobe Capsules

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules

Your Printable Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules

Wardrobe Capsules, Outfit Formulas and Uniforms – Which is Right for You?

Before You Throw It All Out for a Minimalist Wardrobe Read This

In this Video

0.09 High value contrast, low colour contrast – how do I get the right value in winter and summer? Can I just add a necklace and earrings or do I need more?
6.19 With light colouring I should be wearing more overall light outfits – but I’m “blacksliding” into the dark colours, particularly in winter. How can I wear my black and still look good?
14.51 Please talk proportions – What is the best length for my tops and jackets – particularly with pants?

High Value Contrast Outfit Tips

Spring and Summer Looks for High Value Contrast

The Value of Value Contrast and Using it to Create Stunning Outfits

How to Wear Medium Value Colours When You are High Contrast


Blacksliding – Wearing Black with Light Colouring

How to Stop Buying and Wearing Black When It’s Not Flattering

Does it Really Matter What Colour You Wear Below the Waist?

3 Simple Steps for Wearing Black When You Have Light Colouring

How to wear black and white when your contrast is not high
Here is an example of how I wear a high contrast black and white shrug right next to my face and tone down the value contrast by adding a medium value colour (red top) in between.

How to Understand Value Contrast - the stairs concept - click here for more details


This Tool Will Make You an Expert in Finding the Value of a Colour

Proportions for Tops and Jackets

Proportions – the Golden Mean or Fibonacci Number

How to Use the Golden Mean Proportions When Dressing

Which are the Best Proportions to Flatter Your Proportions

Why Proportions Matter – Duchess Catherine Models

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