3 Simple Steps for Wearing Black When You Have Light Colouring


Most people who have light colouring don’t suit black. It’s just too dark and harsh on their complexion and it wears you, rather that you wearing the colour. But so many people still want to wear it, so here is a quick tip to make it less draining on you.

tips for wearing black when you're blonde


  1. Think about the fabric – it needs to be light in its weight and the way it reflects the light. A floaty and sheer fabric is much more forgiving than a dense or heavy fabric.
  2. Look at the black – is it a really solid or dense black? Is it more like charcoal? The less ‘black’ it is, the easier it is to wear.
  3. Move the black away from your face with a lower neckline, or a lighter colour closer to your face. ¬†Ideally have a medium colour included in your colour scheme so it’s not just a light and dark scheme as I discussed here.


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  • Great tips, as always. I have to say though that I know a couple of blondes that have bright colouring and blue eyes with blond hair that seem to suit sheer black. They are young though (so at their brightest) and have darker eyebrows and eyelashes!

  • Imogen

    Another interesting post and more food for thought, so many things to think about, no wonder some mornings it takes so long to get ready. I love the visuals you provide makes it easier to understand.

  • I used to wear black rarely because I am very pale, though cool complected (porcelain in foundation) and had read that light complexions don’t look good in it. Then I noticed that every time I did wear it my husband, who rarely notices what I am wearing, would complement me. I asked him about it and he said he loves me in black and wishes I wore it more often! It’s so confusing, LOL. But I did buy a couple more things and wear them for him. I have light brown hair and very dark brown eyes, so maybe that makes a difference?

  • This is really helpful Imogen. I couldn’t figure out why I sometimes look/feel good in black when it’s not my color. It’s the lighter weight, soft fabrics that work.

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