How to Choose Hosiery to Go with Coloured Shoes


coloured shoes what colour tights

And from a style dilemma from Facebook  – Coloured shoes and… What colour tights? I never seem to get it right!


coloured shoes what colour tights

Well, the answer to this depends on who you are and what you want to express.

  1. For a more conservative environment, I’d choose nude tights with colour shoes.
  2. For a more creative environment, you could wear a similar colour of tights, or an alternate colour of your choice.
  3. For evening wear, if your tights are a sheer black, you can still get away with a coloured shoe.
  4. The more sheer the tight, the easier it can work with more colours, the more opaque the tight the more if dominates and needs to be paired with either a hem or shoe of the same colour.
  5. Match your tights to either the colour of your skirt/dress or the colour of your shoes.  So if you’re wearing a Red shoe with a Navy skirt, wear navy tights or red tights (depending how ‘out there’ you like to be).  If you’re wearing a tan boot, either wear a nude tight (or a nude fishnet), or match the tight colour to the hem of your skirt.
  6. If you want to wear an opaque tight with a coloured shoe, sometimes it’s easier to do this with a legging, rather than tights, so the colour of the shoe doesn’t fight with the colour of your tights.
Wearing a blue fishnet tight with a light rose brown boot.
Wearing a blue fishnet tight with a light rose brown boot.

As you can see in this picture above, because the fishnet tight is quite sheer, and you can see lots of skin through it, it’s easy to team with an alternate coloured shoe or boot. But if it was an opaque blue tight, I would have gone with a black boot rather than a coloured one.


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  • All good guidelines. I’ve also got multi-coloured tights (think 60s paisley swirls) which I tend to wear with black boots and a black or denim skirt. They become the hero piece 🙂

    But I do have a problem finding fishnets with covered toes. I *hate* having the mesh caught around my smaller toes or bisecting the bigger ones. Any suggestions?

    • Depending on the shoes you are wearing them with Erika, you could wear sockettes beneath the fishnets. Alternatively, old worn stockings (pantyhose) could have their toes re-purposed into your fishnets.

      • Sounds like I’ll be getting out needle and thread… Old stockings normally go out to the garden shed, but the idea of reattaching the toes is brilliant. Thanks so much Cathi!

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