Your Printable Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules


I know that for many of you creating  wardrobe capsules is a really valuable tool, particularly if you are having to rebuild a wardrobe for any reason (and there are many, from weight loss or gain, pregnancy, change in lifestyle, travel, new work dress code and the list goes on).

So I thought I’d give you a downloadable, printable guide that you can keep and use when organizing your wardrobe, or for packing when you go travelling and only want to take a small amount of luggage.

Now I know that capsule wardrobes aren’t for everyone (some people love more options), but they are a great starting place if you feel you have lots of clothes and nothing to wear. Maybe you have too many orphans (clothes that don’t go with anything else), so even just getting your wardrobe out of the closet and seeing if you can create capsules based around colour/season and lifestyle, you may discover new outfits you’ve never thought of, or it will point out holes in your wardrobe that you need to shop to fill.

Wardrobe capsules really make your wardrobe work in a versatile way.

If you want more explanation and guidance on wardrobing (if you haven’t already got it) download my 5 Step Formula for a Fabulous Wardrobe on a Budget.

Of course I have lots of other wardrobe capsule posts that are useful that you can find here on the blog.

You may also find this printable Weekly Wardrobe Outfit Planner really helpful plus these posts will have lots of ideas on creating wardrobe capsules:

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