3 Ways to Incorporate Black Garments When It’s Not Your Best Colour

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So you’ve got a bunch of black items in your wardrobe that you can’t afford to get rid of (or just don’t want to), but you know that black isn’t the most flattering colour on you. How do you get your wear out of them and make them work? Here are my top 3 tips.

incorporating your black


Find a top with a pattern that has some black or dark grey in it to blend the black with to create a harmonious outfit.

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  • Thanks for this timely reminder Imogen. Black is the never ending love-hate color for me as I don’t care to wear it by my face yet have too much of it in the closet. It’s slimming but also aging for me. Also for those who must wear as a uniform this is helpful. The scarf trick is my go to more often than not.
    Catherine in Dubai

  • Excellent post, as usual. Black used to be my signature, but as I grow older, it’s too stark for me. My neutrals now are navy blue and grey, but I still have a lot of black. These tips are useful.

  • I am one of those who can happily wear black, but I hope these tips could help with other less flattering colours that happen to be in my closet… Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Thank you, this is very helpful! Since black is cool, and it’s best not to mix warm and cool colors, do you have ideas for warm skin tone people who are transitioning away from black but still need to wear it at present for reasons you describe in your post? Would we use our best warm colors with the black, or is it best to go with the cool versions of those colors when wearing black?

  • This is very helpful since most of us have more black in our wardrobes than we want, at least I do. I find that there are just so many clothes that only come in black so I often buy black out of desperation–especially in pants. Also I do find that black pants or dark denim jeans are much more forgiving than light colors on the bottom. But then (since I am petite) I often end up with the dark on top as well.

    Often when I see a dress in black that is also offered in another color the color version will sell out much faster. I think women want more color but the selection isn’t there.

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