Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 8


In this Video

  • How to Organise your wardrobe?
  • How do I figure out where my jeans should end, as I like to wear sneakers and roll up my jeans
  • I have a fairly balanced body proportionally (just a marginally short waist) so how do I make my legs look longer?

Wardrobe Organisation

How to Create An Ordered Wardrobe (and why you want one)

Small Space, Big Style

18 Funky Storage Ideas for Your Accessories



How to Choose The Right Jeans and Styling Them Smart Casual

How to Hem Jeans in 5 Steps Without Losing the Original Hem

Your Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Shoe Styles to Pair with Your Jeans

How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

How to Look Taller and Make Your Legs Look Longer

How to Choose Shoes to Make Your Legs Look Longer

In this Video

  • How do you decide how to choose a neckline – face or body shape recommendations?
  • How do you wear dresses and skirts in winter and not feel cold?
  • A shape with long body and short legs – where to end tops and jackets with pants?

Choosing Necklines

Your Ultimate Guide to 17 Necklines and Which to Choose to Flatter Your Features

How to Choose the Perfect Shape Neckline

Understanding Balance Points and How They Influence Your Choice of Neckline

Dresses and Skirts and Not Feel Cold

Staying Warm When You Can’t Wear Wool

The Secrets of the Most Stylish Winter Outfits

My Style: How to Stay Warm

Long Body and Short Legs – where to end tops/jackets with pants

J is for Jackets

How to Layer Tops Under Jackets

Body Proportions Explained – Long Body, Shorter Legs

In this Video

  • Do midi (mid-calf) skirt and dresses work? How can you make them look flattering?
  • Mixing textures – any suggestions on how to do this?
  • How can we ensure our fashion is sustainable?

Midi Skirts

Tricky Trend – The Midi-Skirt




Choosing Top Lengths for Skirts and Pants



Your Essential Skirt Length and Shoe Selection Guide

Mixing Textures

T is for Texture

How You Can Use Your Hair Texture to Determine the Fabrics You Choose

How to Choose Flattering Texture in Fabrics

How to Make a Monochromatic Outfit Interesting


Sustainable Fashion Tips

Building a More Sustainable Fashion World

5 Ways to Make More Sustainable Fashion Choices

Sustainable Fashion Resources To Help You Make the Best Fashion Buying Decisions

In this Video

  • Can I use hair accessories instead of earrings or necklaces to create my ideal value and colour contrasts?
  • I’ve got a large wardrobe of creative/eclectic clothes that are still in good condition – should I be purging them?
  • What seasonal pieces should I be looking for to give my look a lift?
  • I have medium value contrast but my hair and skin only have a medium- low value contrast -if I just wear that I feel bland – I feel like I need darker clothes – please can you help?

Colour and Value Contrast with Accessories

What’s Your Colour Contrast?

5 Colour Concept Essentials You Need to Understand To Create Harmonious Outfits

Getting the Balance Right with Your Colour Contrast

Purging My Wardrobe

How Many Clothes Do You Need in Your Wardrobe?

Before You Throw It All Out for a Minimalist Wardrobe Read This

Tips for Building a Functional and Fabulous Wardrobe

Why the Wardrobes of the Most Stylish Women are Built Over Time

Medium Value Contrast

How to Work with Your Contrast – Medium Contrast

What to Wear: Prints and Patterns, Getting the Value and Contrast Right

The Value of Value Contrast and Using it to Create Stunning Outfits

What Exactly is Low Value Contrast

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Colour and Style questions answered by image expert Imogen Lamport


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