How to Choose Shoes to Make Your Legs Look Longer


You weren’t blessed in the leg department with those “legs that go on forever”?  No need to fret, I’ve got the optical illusion tips to help you fake longer looking legs.

How to Choose Shoes to Make Your Legs Look Longer

Which Shoes to Wear with a Skirt

If you’re wearing a skirt, then choose a shoe in a colour that relates to your skin tone – the nude shoe, as it makes the legs appear to start from the toe, rather than the ankle.  Look for a shoe with a low vamp (that’s the front of the shoe being cut low to the toes, rather than higher up on the top of the foot, like the shoes on the left in the picture below.

Which Shoes to Wear with Black Pants

But if you’re wearing black trousers, choose a shoe that blends with the trousers, so a black shoe will work for you. With trousers, the vamp is not important, so you can wear a high vamp shoe like these ones in the middle.

Which Shoes to Wear with Jeans

If you’re wearing jeans, consider either a dark brown, aubergine, black or navy shoe to blend with the jeans (like the ones on the right above). You could choose a more casual material such as suede to match the jean, or an ankle boot or knee high boot work perfectly well too!

choosing shoes to make your legs look longerSure we all know that heels will always make your legs look longer, but if you want to be more practical, a wedge will give you more stability. Of course some of us love a flat shoe for it’s practicality and comfort. If this is the case, choose a low vamp shoe like a ballet flat, sling back or other similar shoes like these examples, which will work equally well with a skirt as trousers.
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