Tricky Trend – The Midi-Skirt


how to style a midi skirt

Following on from my post on Where to End Your Skirts (universally flattering length) I thought I’d do a post about the current tricky trend – the midi-skirt.

midi skirt straight shape
Straight shape, nude wedge

I’ve been wearing this for sometime, but you need to tread carefully as it is much, much harder to pull off well.

styling a midi skirt
Full skirt either with low vamp peep toe or ankle length leggings

Luckily for me I have long legs, which makes it heaps easier to wear, but if you don’t here are my tips for making it more flattering.

how to style a long midi skirt with boots
Long and straight with knee high boots

1. Wear it with low vamp heels – either a pump or a knee high boot.

2. Wear hemmed it at the narrower point of your calf, avoid any skirt that appears to end at the widest part of your calf.

3. If you don’t wear heels, at least wear it with a platform to give you a little of the height back that the length cuts off your legs.

4. Wear it with ankle length leggings or tights that colour blend in to elongate your line.

5. It works much better on a younger woman than an older one.  We expect younger people to wear the latest fashion trends, often if we’ve lived through that fashion cycle once or twice already, wearing the latest trend will actually make us look older, because many women of a certain age haven’t actually stopped wearing that trend from the last time it was in fashion.


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  • On me this lengh works well when it looks like a short maxi skirt. I find my ankles have a nice curve and that I look heavy if I dont show them in long garments (pants or dress or skirt), worn with heels or platform, or ballet flats, all low vamp. For my body shape, sort of an "A", I have to wear wide pants, but I dont like not to see my ankles, so I'll wear them short ( the pants)enough to show my ankles. Ciao ladies!

  • this is a tricky length for me all-around; i have large calves, and they extend pretty much allllll the way down my legs. so even a midi that hits at the narrowest part is still hitting at a thick part. which makes me a bit sad because i LOVE this length! something feminine and, i dunno, vintage/historical about it. is that weird to say? dah well.
    your blog is seriously so helpful, imogen. another great post.

  • Re your #4 (the second #4) I am nearly 63, is that "an older one"? I wear this length all the time, better on me than above the knee. Wear mine with with flats, boots or wedge heel sandals.

  • Sorry, I just think most women look too dowdy in this length. Fall or winter with boots, maybe, but otherwise…maybe better if the skirt was circular or even just flippy at the bottom.

  • I had no idea this was a "new trend"! I just wanted to comment because I wear skirts 100% of the time (unless showering or in bed, and even then only nightgowns to bed), I never wear pants. All of my skirts are below my knee for modesty sake and most are mid-calf. I am just 5'4", age 36, and it doesn't bother me one whit whether or not it looks right. Modesty is my #1 priority. I can walk in public without my thighs and lady bits showing, and to me that is all that matters.

  • I think the key to the midi skirt is that it looks better on tall women with long legs. I don't think age is the issue at all. It's all about proportion, not age.

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