How to Work With Your Contrast – Low Contrast

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Following on from my post on how to find your ultimate contrast levels, here are some examples of putting together outfits and choosing patterns for a lower contrast.

working with low contrast


Whether analogous, or neutral plus a colour, you can create a low value contrast with light, medium or dark colours.
Here I’ve used a column of colour which also helps keep the contrast levels lower (and makes you look taller and slimmer – bonus!)
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  • You have an amazing amount of info on your site; all very helpful. I like these lower value contrasts in outfits, altho from reading your previous posts, I am definitely a high value contrast and medium value contrast for color, person. I see that those who are more retiring (lol) may prefer to dress in lower contrast to be comfortable, and that surely fits me!

    • I’m wondering if when you dress low contrast can you use jewelry to bring up the contrast level. I prefer low contrast sometimes and I wear bright silver jewelry. Is this an effective strategy? I’m trying to figure out how I can bring up the contrast some since medium to higher contrasts look better on me.
      Thanks so much.

  • Hi Imogen,

    Thank you very much for this ongoing post series on contrast, as it has been really excellent and has made a huge difference in my understanding of how colours and outfits work. Since my hair transitioned to silver, I have struggled with the colour aspect, but this information has helped me understand the importance of selecting the lighter value clothing that better suits my colouring and staying away from high contrast outfits that no longer work.

    Also, as a professional writer, I recognise all the time and effort that goes into creating your posts and trying to make a complicated topic easy to understand. Many, many thanks and best wishes for the holiday break.


    • Thanks Jenny – glad that it has helped. I know from my own experience of ‘lightening up’ how much it changes everything I’ve thought about dressing myself!

  • “A darker top is more receding so creates a lower value contrast than a light top which is more advancing and apparent.”

    Does this mean that if you are large in the bust, light tops should be replaced with low or medium colour contrast colours to make the bust less obvious? I am a Summer season so dark colours – say black – are not suitable so I tend to go for blues/ pinks/purple instead. Also monochromatic looks help to elongate and slim the outfit.

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