How to Choose The Right Jeans and Styling Them Smart Casual

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Hi again Imogen,

Could you write an article and put up illustrations on the best jeans styles for different body shapes?
Also, could you add a variety of outfits to wear with those different styles of jeans?



How to Choose the Style of Jean to Suit Your Body Shape

You may be interested in revisiting this post on Jeans Trends for 2014 which includes advice of the kind of shoe to wear with each jeans style.

Now here is a simple guide to the popular denim shapes and which suit each body shape


jeans for your body shape

jeans for your body shape by imogenl featuring black jeans

Not sure about your body shape? Take the body shape bible quiz here!


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  • Regarding skinny jeans, Ive a question about skinny dresspants – are these appropriate for a business casual/relaxed or are they more smart casual (or too “revealing” for business relaxed)? (Skinny/Slim fit, but dresspant fabric)

    Although I love bootcuts/wide legs, very few fit properly (and I live in town where tailoring is very difficult to get) but my style is more on the tailored/dressier (non denim) side so thats why I asking. (now my internship are creative smart casual, i just like to dress a bit more formal-ish. I do start to accepting tailored jeans/denim skirt with dressy tops but i prefer twill/woven/jersey bottoms more).

    Oh regarding this article., Im definitly a rule breaker. I love wearing untucked dresshirts with skinny jeans especially non blue ones. I prefer wearing tunics with jeggings/treggings, not regulare skinny jeans. It feels like this ‘rules’ are written for someone who working in a very conservative enviroment which i can understand for corporate lifestyle but otherwise disagree. Bigger hips or bust than average is never “unflattering” to me! But thats just a personal opinion. 😛

    • Bigger/Smaller than the “ideal” hourshape I mean. x/

      And talking about these type of pants:
      ( Everytime I ask on forums people are just rude because Im XS in pants and have skinny thigh and defined waist but I dont think my bodyshape has anything to with formality “sorry thats inappropriare your thighs are gross”. Looking naturally like that, its no fault. (Size matters in dresscodes sounds a little bit too insane, so I cant really take forums “advise”). =S )

      • Well, I dont have exact pants on the pics, but the fit and fabric (woven/polyester blend) are similare to the model (though Im shorter).
        Sometimes im noticing when trying on different styles are that they are *very* formfitted around the thighs but than become looser towards the calves. Even skinny jeans looks fits like that. They dont fill out the knees. Because they emphasize someones thighs, I keept wondering if that can make them appear too ‘revealing’ to th viewer. I often hear people discussing it looks inappropriate when wearing a top too small. But perhaps I just overthinking! ;P

  • What can you suggest for someone in their late thirty’s with a small waist but big thighs. I am extremely self conscious of my “thunder thighs”.

    • Dark colour – no distressing, straight leg and then look for a brand that does a “curve” cut – Have a look in Jeanswest and other jeans stores as they may have them.

  • Hi Imogen,

    you write: Here is a long sleeve top with a cowl neck, but by the addition of a funky snakeskin belt it creates a more up-styled look.

    This top/outfit style would work for: wide leg, bootcut, flares, straight leg (not for skinny)

    Why wouldn’t this style work for skinny?


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