This is Why Style Guidelines Give You Wings


Style guidelines give you boundaries

There are no style rules, just guidelines to give you a framework based on principles of line, design, harmony, colour and co-ordination.

Style guidelines help you understand:

  1. What shapes of clothes flatter your figure given your body shape and proportions
  2. What kinds of fabrics flatter your figure
  3. What scale of patterns are most harmonious with your appearance
  4. What colours make you the focus, look healthy and vibrant
  5. What textures work best for you
  6. What the best lengths are for hemlines
  7. What the ideal necklines shapes are for you
  8. What your ideal contrast levels are

I could go on and on with this list (and in fact if you want to know it all click here to find out the full list).  Suffice to say, style guidelines provide you with a framework, some boundaries that help you create an aesthetically pleasing appearance that can enhance your credibility, professionalism, approachability and personality.


Style guidelines also give you wings

Style guidelines give you both boundaries and wings to grow your style in a harmonious and flattering way for both your personality and your appearance.


Once you know them you can choose to stick with them or ignore them, knowing the effect you will be having.

Being stylish is not just about finding the clothes that flatter your figure, it’s also about expressing your authentic self, your inner core, your soul ¬†in a way that creates harmony between the inside of you and the outside.

This is why some of you will break rules, and others love to work within their framework or boundaries.

Knowing your style guidelines allows you to set yourself free and soar as you choose the elements that really matter to you, the ones that truly represent who you are.

You can discover all your style guidelines plus so many more tips on building and creating a wardrobe that works for your life and style in my 7 Steps to Style program.

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