This is How to Put Together a Fabulous Outfit In Minutes


Putting together a stylish outfit everyday doesn’t have to be tricky.  In fact I’ve come up with a simple formula that you can use over and over for all different kinds of outfits.

When choosing clothes for an outfit you will want to take into consideration things like:

All the elements of the style puzzle are important when choosing the garments that live in your closet and you wear each day.

But you’ve got clothes you like and make you feel good, but sometimes in the morning when you’re pushed for time and you want to create something new from what you already own you get a little stuck as you’re not sure what to put together.

This is why looking through lots of outfits that I’ve worn recently I realised that I have a basic formula that works time and again.

Outfit Formula for Putting Together a Fabulous Outfit in Minutes

Your formula is as simple as this:

Basic  + Interest + 3rd Piece/statement + Accessories


The formula you need to create fabulous outfits every day - click here to see the formula in action
You can download a printable 1 page copy of this formula to follow



See the Outfit Formula in Action

White and Green

Adding scarves to your winter outfit - tips and tricks from a personal stylist

Basics: Jeans and knit tops in baby pink and emerald green

Interest: White jacket

Hero: Floral scarf

Accessories:  Boots and ring

Burgundy and Navy

Basics:  Navy denim skirt, navy tights, long sleeve top

Interest: Burgundy knit with frill detail at cuff and  hem

3rd piece/hero: Scarf,

Accessories:  Knee high boots, watch and earrings

Navy, Grey and Green


Basics:  Jeans, long sleeve navy knit

Interest:  Grey off the shoulder tunic

Hero:  2 Necklaces in green

Accessories:  Knee high boots, bracelets, rings

Violet and Teal

Basics:  Denim jeans, long sleeve teal knit

Interest: Teal patterned scarf

Hero: Violet waterfall cardigan

Accessories: Belt, Knee High Boots, Umbrella

Teal and Blue

Basic: Long sleeve teal knit tunic

Interest: Leather-look embellished leggings

Hero: Scarf

Accessories:  Boots and rings

Blue, White and Grey


Basics: Blue top

Interest: Unusually constructed grey skirt

Hero: Blue and white topper

Accessories: blue shoes, necklace, belt, bracelets

Black and White

Kimonos are great to add a light layer of warmth when required plus they fold up really small and don't add weight to your packing - travel packing tips

Basic: Black knit pants

Interest: Striped tee

Hero: Zebra kimono

Accessories: ballet flats and butterfly necklace, bracelets

Burgundy and Teal

Basic: Teal slip

Interest: Red bead necklace

Hero: Burgundy and teal kimono

Accessories:  Sandals, bracelets, earrings

In Summer you may leave out either a basic or interest piece, particularly if you’re wearing a dress that may be a hero in itself.

If you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes but aren’t sure how to wear them, then why not use this formula to create new outfits!

You can download a copy of this outfit formula – a simple one page printable to stick on the inside of your wardrobe door.

Why not download my free Weekly Outfit Planner so you can record all the great outfits you create – download it here.

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The formula you need to create fabulous outfits every day - click here to see the formula in action


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Free printable download of my outfit formula -


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  • You look great when your hair is wavy. I’m middle -aged but still have problems in creating outfits, so I like checking your website for inspiration.

    • Thanks – The hairdresser did my hair – unfortunately I’m no good at it! Creating outfits takes time to know what suits you and then to put elements together. There are so many posts here that can help (and if you need more inspiration my online programs offer lots of help and support from their amazing communities who offer lots of advice.)

  • Oh wow. Such a succinct piece on a subject I have struggled with. I have worked through all your other advice over the years but still didn’t look ‘finished’. I am going to add this to my style must dos. Thank you!

    • Thanks Trish – there is lots to consider (which is why you may struggle – and why it’s worth figuring out what are the important pieces of your own style puzzle). Hopefully this formula will help you in putting outfits together!

  • Love this article. I have already gone back to re-read it. Your blog had changed the way I think about dressing and this had done it again. I think I need a few more everyday heros.

  • The first two outfits are so amazing on you from a color standpoint – just perfect with the touch of the hotter pink and burgundy!

  • Don’t know if this link will work, but am wondering if this style of dress (knit, sleeveless fit-and-flare, which I have in aqua blue and in royal blue…) is “basic” or anything higher (i.e., interest). Am finally getting a chance to go through my wardrobe with an eye to the formula!

    • A simple fit and flare dress has some interest if it’s not in a neutral, but would still need an accessory such as a necklace or some bracelets to make it more fabulous. You can add a layer over if cold, but it’s not necessary.

  • Would you do a post using this outfit formula with warm weather outfits? I would love to see what you put together. I struggle with defining what is an interest piece and what is a hero with summer outfits- I am a petite 8 shape. Sometimes to or 3 coordinated interest pieces (I think you call them beauty bundles) feel like a hero or focal point, of my outfit. Thanks!

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