Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 13 – Fit Issues, Online Shopping, Uniform Dressing, Changing Hair Colour, Proportional Dressing


Your Questions Answered in this video:

0.15 Why do all my waistbands roll down? What can I do about it?
5.10 Can you chat about Uniform dressing? I’m thinking it could be useful
12.04 How can I tell if a shoulder seam needs to be right on the shoulders or dropped?

Fit Issues

How to Find Your Perfect Fit

The Best Clothing Alterations Based on Your Body Shape

Uniform Dressing

U is for Uniform

Wardrobe Capsules, Outfit Formulas and Uniforms – Which is Right for You?

Do You Like the Idea of “Uniform” Dressing?


How to Minimize Wide or Square Shoulders

How to Broaden Your Shoulders with a Jacket

How to Broaden Your Shoulders


Your questions answered in this video:

0.13 How many tops should go with each bottom your wardrobe? When shopping should a new garment work with three other items?
5.39 Dresses and skirts are easy to buy, pants are hard to find and they never fit well – what makes it so hard?
10.40 Online shopping – it’s so hard to find the right things as fit and quality are not always apparent – any tips?

Wardrobe Capsules

6 Things Pregnancy Can Teach You About Building a Fabulous Wardrobe

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules

Two Important Factors to Consider When Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Pant Fit

Why It’s So Hard to Find Pants that Fit

Common Issues with Fit

P is for Pants

Online Shopping Tips

6 Online Shopping Tips to Help You Get the Right Colour

Tips for a More Successful Online Shopping Experience

4 Essentials You Need to Know Before You Shop Online

Your questions answered in this video

0.14 Changing hair colour -as long as the undertone is right can you change your hair to any value?
5.32 I can’t wear heels (foot issues) but shoes don’t look dressy – what to do?
9.45 Gained weight and my body shape has changed from X to H – how do you dress for a changed body shape?

Choosing a Hair Colour

How to Choose a Hair Colour as You Age

5 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing a Hairstyle

Selecting the Right Hair Colour and Cut for You

Shoes with Foot Issues to Look Dressy

How to Choose Shoes with Style When You Have Foot Issues

How to Wear Flat Shoes

Hate Heels but Going Formal?


Body Shape Changing

How Your Body Shape May Change with Age and Weight Gain or Loss

8 Tips on Adapting Your Style as Your Rules Change


Want to Figure Out Your Body Shape? Try My Quiz

Your questions answered in this video:

0.09 What shape neckline when you are an X shape with a long decolletage?
3.20 How to measure your proportions and get your proportions right in outfits
7.55: Tips on picking a flattering nude


The Best Neckline to Flatter

Your Ultimate Guide to 17 Necklines and Which to Choose to Flatter Your Features

How to Choose the Perfect Shape Neckline

Understanding Balance Points and How They Influence Your Choice of Neckline


Tips on Dressing in Flattering Proportions

How to Use the Golden Mean Proportions When Dressing

Proportions – the Golden Mean or Fibonacci Number

Why Proportions Matter – Duchess Catherine Models

The Best Nude for You

How To Wear the Nude Colours

How to Choose a Nude Lipstick Colour

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

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