Tips for a More Successful Online Shopping Experience


How to have a more successful and productive online shopping experience


Online shopping is here to stay.  For many it is a wonderful new way of purchasing clothing, particularly if you live in a smaller town, remote area or want a more varied wardrobe than your local stores can provide for.

But there are downsides such as finding clothes that fit (and knowing the right size to purchase) as well as not being able to feel the fabrics, which is super important if you’re more kinaesthetic.

Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss in this video some shopping strategies and techniques you can use when online shopping to ensure that your experience is more productive.  From mindset to how to buy, we cover everything from why you should Make it an 8 to how to treat the experience so that you don’t get frustrated or disappointed.

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  • What a good video! You cover so many important issues with online shopping. It really is a jungle out there. I live in a place with very little variety offered in the brick and mortar shops, so I buy everything online. What I find quite annoying is that some plus size fashion shops use models that are not plus size. Some will just let the garments hang loose on the model, making it look awful, others use a lot of pins and tape, making it all look great, but not truthful. It does take a while to figure those tricks out, and learn to see what might work on your body anyway. Also, many shoes are shown in smaller sizes. However, even though it may sound like a lot of details to consider when you shop online, I strongly feel it has been my saviour. Otherwise I would have had to spend lots of time and money travelling to those physical shops.

  • I would have an unrelated question. Not sure where else to post or how to ask, but would welcome your feedback… I have cool colouring and would like to buy a blusher for my cheeks. All the ones in the shops though are warm pinks – salmon, brownish pink – have not really found a cool one? (Or is that I just can’t judge cool pink properly?!) Which shade should I go for? Please help?

  • Hmm quite a informative video. It will help the buyer a lot. And also the people who are running online stores can learn a thing or two. Every online store owner should watch this video if they really want to increase their customer experience. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. 🙂

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