How to Broaden Your Shoulders


If you’re an A shape with narrow shoulders or even an 8 shape or X shape or just have more sloping shoulders rather than square shoulders, how can you make them appear broader to create more balance?

How to broaden shoulders

Necklines – horizontal necklines like boat necks, square necks or wider v-necks can help to broaden.

Shoulder detail – bling or other shoulder detail can work well.

Construction – look for horizontal yokes or even breast pockets (if you have a small bust).

Sleeves – either puffed sleeve or ruched sleeves will add broadening detail. Set-in sleeves are also much more flattering.

What to avoid - narrow shoulders


Raglan sleeves
Dolman sleeves
Dropped shoulders

Of course, if you are a V shape or have very square shoulders you will find this Avoid list is your “what to wear”!


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  • Dropped shoulders make your shoulders look narrow, really? I always thought they made them look wide and bulky. But the example with the stripes is good, it shows your point.

  • I put on a dropped shoulder sweater with vertical stripes and with that one I still feel like it broadens my shoulders. Would you agree that this makes a difference?

    PS: about something completely different: ever thought about making an article on body shapes from the side and what suits them? I find it makes a big difference and some clothes that suit my front silhouet (slight V) doesn’t suit my side silhouet (pronounced bottom, small breasts). For example trumpet sleeves don’t suit my side silhouet. I feel like trying to make a balance between butt and breasts is key here.

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