How to Wear Flat Shoes


How to wear flat shoes and look stylish

Flats are an essential item in any woman’s shoe wardrobe.  Heels look great, and I do know some who wear them all the time, but my feet can’t take them, and I think most podiatrists and chiropractors would say that they’re not the best for your feet or posture when worn over time.

Given that flat shoes don’t have the instant impact of heels, how can you improve your style quotient whilst remaining comfortable?  How do you wear flat shoes and look stylish and not frumpy?

flat shoes


Think about:

  • Adding pattern
  • Adding texture
  • Adding cut-out detail
  • Adding straps or buckles
  • Adding sheen or shine
  • Adding other details like bows or flowers or even skulls.

Then work out which flats go with what clothing styles.

Low vamp flats work well with skirt and dresses if you have either long or short legs.
High vamp flats work well with short skirts (above the knee) and dresses if you have either long or short legs.
High vamp flats only work well with longer skirts and dresses if you are proportionally longer in the legs or if it’s a maxi dress or skirt.  Otherwise this can look very dowdy if not careful.
High vamp flats work well with pants and maxi dresses and skirts.

More delicate flats like ballet flats and sandals work best with more refined clothing, lighter fabrics and more voluminous garments.

More sturdy flats like loafers and brogues are best with trousers, unless your personality style is more rebellious and rule breaking.

You can team flats easily with leggings too, particularly  if you want to lengthen your legs, blend the colour of your leggings with that of your shoe and skirt/dress for a long and slimming column of colour.

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  • Great topic!

    Heels are terrible for feet/legs/back, and even flats without proper support or overly narrow front part are bad for your feet.

    As someone always in flats, I wanted to respectfully disagree with the following:

    "High vamp flats work well with short skirts (above the knee) and dresses if you have either long or short legs." – I think it's the length of the leg *below the knee* that matters. I'm short in that part, so high vamp & short skirt looks terrible.

    "High vamp flats only work well with longer skirts and dresses if you are proportionally longer in the legs." – I think instead of legs I'd say 'below waist'. I've a long rise, so maxi skirts with high vamp flats look good.

    – tall & slim anon

  • Perfect…I was just looking on your site for shoe ideas. I am an X shape with big feet but I have trouble wearing low vamp shoes because they don't stay one. What would be a good type of shoes for hot weather? Love your blog…I have found so much information on it!

  • Truly flat shoes are harmful, just like heels. About 1/2-1 inch heel is ideal. That's what you'll find all the health-concious brands have in their 'flats' category. Check Mephisto or Ecco pr Merrell for examples. Here's one:

    Once you get truly good shoes (they're expensive, they are NOT an accessory to get in every color), you'll never look back.

    – tall & slim anon

  • This is great! I've always disliked flats because I'm not super tall (5'6") and feel like they make me look even shorter and my legs stumpy and wide.
    But with three toddlers, flats are sometimes a necessity.

    • Do you have to wear flat shoes or do you want to? You can wear maxi skirts, you can wear trousers, you can wear heels if you prefer. But if your legs are slim, wear a fine strap, and fine sole, rather than anything thick and chunky which will make your legs appear slimmer.

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