Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 6


In this video:

  •  How many crossover colours are there between the palettes?
  • Are babies who are born looking very pink cool and with yellow skin warm?
  • How to wear white bottoms such as capris and shorts in summer?


Crossover or Universal Colours

Universal Colours – How Universal Are They Really?

What are Universal Colours?

White Skirt/Shorts/Capris in Summer

How to Choose Your Perfect White

Which is Your Best White

How to Create a Stylish Casual Wardrobe for a Hot Climate


In this video

  • Alternatives to shorts in summer for an 8 shape (or H shape)?
  • How does a Spicy (warm, light and toasted) woman wear white tee or jeans?
  • What are the best blazer styles for busty gals?

Alternative to Shorts

Denim Skirts – Can You Wear them To Work?

6 Things to Look for When Choosing Dresses and Skirts for Relaxed and Casual Environments

How to do Smart Casual in a Hot Climate

Spicy Wear a White Shirt?

Wear a White Shirt

How to Style a White Jacket for Summer

What’s Your Best Neutral – Blonde Hair

Best Blazers for Busty Girls

How To Layer Tops with a Large Bust

Why Armholes Matter

In this video

  • How do I select my best neutrals?
  • How does hair colour affect your palette and if you change hair colour does it change your palette?
  • Does individual colouring within each palette determine how you use your colour swatch?

Selecting Neutrals

How to Discover Neutrals with the Right Undertone For You

Neutrals – What are They and How to Wear Them

Choosing neutrals

How to Build a Wardrobe of the Right Neutral Basics For You

Hair Colour and Palette

What’s Your Best Neutral – Brunette

How to Choose a Hair Colour as You Age



Are You Colour Contrast or Value Contrast Dominant

Individual Colouring Within Palettes

The Value of Value Contrast and Using it to Create Stunning Outfits

In This Video

  • If you have a tummy you want to camouflage, what are the best jeans button colour be? Gold or silver or something that blends with the denim?
  • Can a high colour contrast person who prefers neutrals balance their desire for a neutral outfit while still looking their best?
  • I’m a high value contrast and low colour contrast, how can I wear a top in a bright medium value colour?

Jeans Buttons and Tummy Camouflage

Choosing Prints to Disguise Your Tummy

Top 10 Tips on How To Make Your Tummy Look Slimmer

How to Flatter a Protruding Stomach

High Colour Contrast Wearing Neutrals

How to Wear Your High Colour Contrast When Your Personality Prefers to Blend-In

How to Find Your Ultimate Colour Contrast – Your Three Step Process

Getting the Balance Right with Your Colour Contrast

High Value Contrast but Low Colour Contrast Wearing a Medium Value Colour

How to Wear a Multi-Coloured Item When You’re Not High Colour Contrast

How to Choose Prints That Work With Your Colour Contrast

How to Work with Your Contrast -High Contrast

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style questions answered  on video episode 6


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