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White shirt Day ovarian cancer research foundation

Today is White Shirt Day in support of building awareness for the silent killer that is Ovarian Cancer. It hasn’t got the same profile as Breast Cancer and they don’t even have an early detection test yet. Most of the time by the time it’s diagnosed the outcomes are less than favourable.

Please buy a white shirt from Witchery where all proceeds (yep 100%) go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Wear a white shirt today and take a quick selfie (tips on the technology required and how to pose so you look great) and post it on your social media accounts with the hashtag #whiteshirtcampaign to draw awareness to this cause.  Tag me too so that I can see you in your white shirt!  You can find me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter as @ImogenLamport and Facebook.com/BespokeImage

Want some tips on wearing a white shirt?  Check out this post to give you some ideas on how to style a white shirt.

Here I am in my Witchery white shirt, I just love the spotty sleeves!

#WhiteshirtCampaign #OCRF

If you’re in Sydney you can join in the fun at the Sydney Opera House – find out more here.



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  • Imogen,

    I posted my white shirt photos, but the shipping from Witchery to Chicago is very costly. My heartfelt and white shirt support is literally worn on my sleeve. Thank you for working towards a cure for ovarian and supporting those who are battling the disease. Also, those of us who have lost dear ones from ovarian cancer as well. Thank you, Imogen!

      • I purchased a white shirt today. Not from Witchery, although there was one I was really admiring, but from a shop in Oak Brook Mall. It has been ages since I went to a brick and mortar store and I wanted this purchase to be special. I do not know how clothing runs at Witchery and it is very expensive to ship even with the favorable exchange rate. So, I came home with a magic white blouse.

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