How to Style a White Jacket for Summer


how to style a white jacket in summer

And here are some more ideas:

  • Wear it with your printed pants
  • Wear it with your city shorts
  • Wear it with an all neutral outfit
  • Wear it with a bright bold colour
  • Wear it with a straight denim skirt

How do you like to style a white jacket in summer?


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  • Hi Imogen, I love the article how to style a white jacket. Now I have to buy one. Am unsure of length though. I am 160cm, 58 kgs, probably X shape. I have quite narrow shoulders, , but thighs definitely a size larger than my waist and have quite obvious saddlebags. Where should my jacket end? Because I am short, most jackets end up mid bottom level or a bit longer? Cropped jackets seem to make my thighs look bigger. I am confused. Thank you.

    • As you’re short, I’d end it around your hip bone level, I know it won’t cover your saddlebags, but as it’s light and ends above them it also won’t draw attention to them. A longer jacket that ends past your widest point will make you look shorter, and if you want to wear that, is best in a darker colour which creates an elongating column of colour that doesn’t draw attention to your hips.

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