Denim Skirts – Can You Wear them To Work?


I was asked on Twitter (@ImogenLamport) the other day about wearing denim skirts to work and if they are appropriate.

The things to consider for your workplace are:

Are denim jeans acceptable in your workplace?

If the answer is no, then no to the denim skirt too.  If yes denim jeans are fine in your workplace, then there is no reason why you can’t wear a denim skirt to work.  But there are still some things to consider.

denim skirts at work

Like with denim jeans, I recommend in those casual dress workplaces where they are acceptable, that you still wear darker, distress free denim with finished seams to work (if your jeans look distressed and old, then we will think you are old and tired too).  So a denim skirt also needs to be a darker denim, with little fading/distressing on it.

It needs to fit well and flatter your figure and the length needs to be work appropriate (no shorter than just above the top of your knee).

how to style a denim skirt for work

Because denim is a more casual and relaxed fabric, you want to be careful in the workplace about looking too casual and relaxed (reads sloppy). Ensure your tops are either more structured or slightly dressier to dress up the denim skirt.
Don’t forget to accessorize. Adding a belt, some stylish shoes or boots, necklace, scarf and earrings will dress up your denim and make it work appropriate.


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  • This is something Ive wondering as well for ages so this post answered that question! 😛
    ..,Even if the work Im working at dont have any strict clothing rules and even if I feel more confortable in jersey/woven twill pencil skirts, It IS good to know. (I asked the question on a forum a half year ago and a person bashed me that denim skirts are for the beach only and insist that you should only wear 5″+ stilettos and pants to retail. that doesnt exactly answered the question. LOL)

    But how to does denim differ from cordoroy/manchester? Ive both in knee lenght styles, a indigo distress-free denim pencil skirt and a navy pencil skirt in cord/manchester.

    Like, Could Cord be worn to more corporate but relaxed work enviroment (think education and retail, not finance companies) or it is as relaxed as dressy type of denim? 😛

  • The company I work for has a “Casual Friday” policy that allows us to wear denim on Fridays. I often wear a denim knee-length skirt and always get compliments! It’s something a little bit different from what most people wear so it stands out and I feel more dressed up in a denim skirt than if I were just wearing jeans.

  • I have a nice dark denim, knee-lenght skirt and I also bought a matching jacket, which I normally wear with black column of colour. It’s nicely structured and I wondered if I could wear it with the skirt, adding, of course, a nice top and finer accessories. Thank you and best regards.

  • I find that “fly front” skirts, especially denim/jeans-style, do not end up being flattering.
    The waists tend to float up, especially when I am seated, and the zippers buckle upwards and the whole effect is not attractive.
    But I do like denim as a skirt fabric in general.

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