How To Layer Tops with a Large Bust


I absolutely love your blog and follow it religiously. It’s helped make my shopping quicker and easier. I have cleaned out my closet to match my clothing with more flattering styles, and I have shared it with so many friends. Thank you!
My question today is around wearing sweaters. In the States it is getting cold, and functionally, I need more than just a long-sleeved shirt. However, I am a H body style who is large breasted and thus have little/no waist. What styles of sweaters could look good without bulking up my top too much and making me seem even fuller or top heavy? I’d love to own a few pull over sweaters and a few cardigans in the right style to be beautiful, stylish, and comfortable without being top heavy.  Any ideas?
Thanks so much!

How to layer tops to flatter a large bust

What to Wear when Layering Tops with a Large Bust

How to Layer Tops with a Large Bust

  • Fine knits
  • Lower necklines on your knits and jackets
  • Larger scale jewellery near your face to draw attention upwards
  • Sweaters without waistbands

Which Cardigans to Choose


Choosing Cardigans for Large Busts
  • Look for cardigans with lower closing fronts, or those that don’t have a closure
  • A zip front can be great as you have complete control over where to stop the cardigan from closing

What to Avoid Wearing With a Large Bust

Sweaters to Avoid if You Have a Large Bust
  • High necklines will make your bust look larger (though you can grab my sneaky tips on how to wear a high neckline with a large bust here)
  • Voluminous necklines will add extra bulk to your bust
  • Boxy sweaters will make you look… well, boxy
  • Wide armholes will make your bust look larger and your body wider
  • If you don’t have a defined waist, avoid bands on the base of sweaters

Get more tips on how to flatter a large bust here.

Plus grab top tips for distracting from a large bust here.

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