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prints and patterns and ageing

I’ve been asked to show you some more examples of the differences between naturalized and stylized floral prints.

floral prints natural vs stylized

As you can see, a floral print that looks more like a photo of the flower it represents, is a naturalized floral. The further away you get from a photolike image, to something that appears more like a drawing or a print that doesn’t represent anything that you find in nature, but still has the curves or could look like a representation of a floral, then it’s a stylized floral.

floral prints

Natural styles of prints work best on the young.  They can look fussy and old-fashioned as you age.  A stylized print tends to look more sophisticated and more suited to someone who is more mature.

If you want to see the prints larger, click on the pictures and you will be taken to see them individually.


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  • Great. I am in my late twenties, but already prefer stylised! 🙂 Too old for my age perhaps! (or just prematurely sophisticated..)

  • Is stylished the same or similare to Digital/Graphic Florals?
    I tends to drawn to high contrasted floral prints that look more graphic like this jersey dress Ive:

    Is this stylished or graphic type of floral?

    Everytime I buy floral garments I often notice they are more dramtic types rather than the cute-sy small or grandma florals. Seems like the more edgy side of my teen is still dominant my print taste, which were more rebellous & relaxed (now its more classic, feminine with a small touch of drama!) High contrast, dark background, dense animal especially snakeskin and plaid are elements in prints Im drawn to. 😛

  • Dear Imogen, This was helpful. Here’s a variation on this question that you might address. I recently bought a dress by Liberty of London in collaboration with Lord & Taylor (a department store here in the USA). It’s a small complicated paisley print in blues, turquoise, and purples. The style of the dress is a sleeveless fit-and-flare, knee-length. I was hoping it would have a slight boho feeling. However, I feel like I look like I’m about to have tea with Miss Marple at the vicarage when I wear it. :-/ Is it a matter of the print, the shape of the dress, the accessories, or a combination of all of the above? Thanks for your help!

  • My first reaction is to be cross that you are arranging what people can wear by age, then I realised that it explains why flower prints look wrong on me (I’m 44) when I try them on. Thanks for the explaination!

  • Thanks Imogen, that is most helpful. Can I ask a question about where paisley might fit into this schema? Would you call paisley a stylised floral, or would you put it in a separate category?
    I’m in my early fifties and can’t get enough paisley!

  • I understand these are general style recommendations but I have to say that this 47 year old will take her naturalized florals, kicking and screaming, all the way down to the grave.

  • This makes perfect sense to me, i am in my mid 50’s and perfer a stylized floral over the more natural. Thank you Imogen for pointing out why I would perfer one style over the other.

  • I allways loved floral prints. Now I understand why it does’nt work anymore (60+) and I am looking for stylized floral prints. Aging and evolving… :-), thank you so much, Imogen.

  • When I was much younger I dreamed of having the money to buy Liberty of London florals. Now 74 I was finally able to splurge on myself. Fantastic floral pattern just my favorite size and repeat and color–only problem is that since I have gotten it home, I realized it doesn’t work. Now I know why! Maybe it will make a great nightie

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