What to Wear for the 4th of July


Wearing red white and blue

For all my US readers, today is a significant day for you, and many love to dress in the red white and blue, but to ensure that you don’t look hokey, here are some tips to ensure you stay stylish.

Red, White and Blue are a perennial favourite for many to wear as red and blue work so well together, back with the crispness of neutral white.  It’s that old two parts of a triad colour theory working here.

  • Relate your outfit to the flag, but don’t copy it exactly.
  • Wear more unequal proportions of each colour.
  • Find and accessory that ties the colours together.
  • You don’t have to go for stars and stripes (though you can if you like, if you want to have fun.

Do you like to dress in red white and blue for July 4th?





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  • Yes! I’m wearing red shoes, blue jeans, and a blue and white striped tank. I agree, these are good colors any day.

  • The flag colors aren’t a good combination for me, and to wear almost-red and softer shades of blue might not have the same “patriotic” effect. If I was going to wear red/white/blue, I would have to tone it down.

    Fortunately, I had family over and didn’t go out so I didn’t have to worry about what I was wearing!

  • The actual flag colors aren’t in my wardrobe, either, so yesterday I had on dark denim pants, a bluish periwinkle top, and muted red earrings. It worked!
    Most years, I use my dark denim as the “blue” even though they are more of a charcoal. I put on a tomato red top with it and put on a flag pin. I think as long as the look alludes to red, white, and blue, the illusion works.
    It feels much better than showing up at an Independence Day parade wearing my oranges and browns!

  • I usually use coral for my red and like a pattern with blue and white together. Yesterday I wore a pair of plaid shorts; red, off-white, and two shades of blue; with a multi-red/pink tie-dye tee-shirt. It is a fun combination I have worn on other occasions, not just for the 4th. 🙂

  • And thank you, Imogene, for thinking of us in the States! You are the absolute BEST at what you do (if i had to choose only one style blog, it would be yours.) So thankful that the internet allows me to get my favorite fashion advice from a stranger halfway across the globe. Pretty cool.

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