Iris Apfel’s View on Accessorizing


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But what I find interesting, when you look at the photos of Coco Chanel is that she is wearing lots of accessories!


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    • It does. When I went looking for a pic of Coco to put this quote onto, I was amazed that in every picture I could find, she was laded down with accessories!

  • I love Iris’ flamboyance. I’m all for the statement scarf or necklace but she takes it all to another level! On her it looks authentic (together with her statement clothing!) but I suspect on me it would just look a mess. And I’m with you on Coco. Her accessorising it’s hardly what you’d call minimalist!

  • It is interesting how much bling Coco is wearing, and how she looks one step away from sideshow gypsy lady at a carnival. Maybe she was more theatrical than her reputation leads us to assume? Didn’t Karl Lagerfeld design for Chanel? His “uniform”, for all its restraint, also looked, as far as I can picture him now, sort of theatrical in some way. But I think Coco looks amazing. Fantastic.

  • I love both Iris and Coco, Iris for her outrageous accessories and colour and Coco for her restrained use of colour and accessories.

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