Breast Reduction Survery – 3 Month Update


breast reduction surgery

It’s now been 3 months since I had my breast reduction surgery and I wanted to give you a quick update on how I’m recovering.

My breasts now feel pretty normal, for quite some time I could tell that there was healing going on inside, it’s only now when they get squashed that I feel anything.

What has changed, apart from the size and shape, is that my nipples are now hypersensitive. Speaking to the surgeon, she told me that this is quite common, as often women who have large breasts have less sensitivity than women who have small or average size breasts as the weight of the breasts seems to dull the nerve, and once that weight is gone, they become much more sensitive. She recommended that I massage them frequently which will get them used to stimulation again and will over time reduce the sensitivity to a more normal level.

She was very pleased that I’d kept my scars taped with paper tape (micropore tape) for the entire 3 months since the surgery (she said she wished all her patients would do this). What this has done for me is to ensure that the scars are minimised and very flat (stretching of scars before they are healed will make them larger and they can get lumpy). So I’d highly recommend that (and in fact, any time I have to be stitched anywhere, I now plan to paper tape the scar for 12 weeks to reduce scarring!  I’m now massaging moisturiser into the scars after each shower.

My wardrobe is still evolving as work through my clothes (with the change of season) and discover what does and doesn’t work with my new breasts. Interestingly, quite a few of my jackets that had ‘just closed’ pre-breast reduction, are now way too large and look boxy, because without the breasts, the shape no longer works as they don’t define my waist any longer.

Even though I still love my larger scale jewellery, I can now wear medium scale jewellery.  I also can easily wear higher necklines without looking very busty (even though, bra size wise, I’m a 32E/34DD which isn’t small), but my breasts are now very proportionate to my bone structure.


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  • You look nice in that photo, but I think you look even better in primary red, rather than that quite deep rosey type colour. You can wear a level of contrast and brightness that I can’t, so I’m dressing like a “winter” vicariously through you. How creepy of me! Black, white and RED. Love it. With white hair.

  • I am just always so excited for you every time I’ve seen pics of you since your surgery. I’ve said this before, but you just look so happy, healthy and even more confident than you already were. You just glow.

    Thanks for sharing this journey with your readers.

  • “I also can easily wear higher necklines without looking very busty”

    Wondering if you have written a post about this? I saw your post “V is for V Neck.” But would love to glean more info on this idea.

  • Your bra size is now pretty much the same as mine, so I’ll be paying attention to what you find flattering!!!

  • Glad to hear that it’s all gone well and interesting to read the updates and the progress you have made.
    You look great in your photos and glowing, that the only only word i can come up with, so you must be feeling so happy with yourself and the choices you made and I am pleased for you that it has all gone to plan.

  • Glad to hear that everything continues to go well. That’s good information about the taping of scars. Most of us will have surgery at some point, if we haven’t already, so it’s good knowledge to have. It must be equal parts exciting and expensive to re-do the wardrobe!

  • I wish I had known about taping the scars. Thank you for this website -it’s helping me feel I can get control of my closet and boost my self-esteem, knowing what to wear to look great anywhere, every day. Enjoy your new shape!

  • I had breast reduction surgery 5 weeks ago and I’m still experiencing huge pain in my right side, particularly along the scar line below my armpit. I also have an opening at the bottom of the verticle scar which leaks constantly. I was prepared for those odd electric shocks and the nipple sensitivity. Huge after going from a 40g to a 38c. I am very pleased with my petite breasts ( the ones I never dreamed ID have) but I’m desperate for them to heal and the pain to subside so that I can return to work

    • Hi Aileen – did you not have drains put in? I had drains for 3 days so I didn’t leak afterwards (otherwise you will get that). The nipple sensitivity may never go (but the shock things will), my surgeon told me to rub my breasts when I got it and it did help.

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