Not Aging, Evolving


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Aging most commonly is seen as  negative and gets a really bad rap.  We usually don’t see aging as a positive word, yet so many great things come with age.

I love that as an adult I get to make so many choices about how I live my life.    Aging has given me more experience and wisdom, more contentment and confidence.  To me there are so many great aspects of aging.

Rather than thinking about aging as something we don’t want to do, re-frame it in the positive, using positive language instead.

Evolve don’t age!

Aging is a privilege denied to many who die young from accident or illness.  It’s a wonderful thing to be able to grow older (gracefully or not).

When we evolve, we think about growing rather than decaying (which is often the thought we have with aging).  I certainly know that the older I get, the happier I am, the more I’m happy in my own body, with my decisions and think much less about if my friends/family/others would approve or disapprove.  It’s about what I like, what makes me happy.  Life is short and I want to spend the time I have left happy.

What are the benefits you’ve found that have come with age in your life?


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