How to Give Yourself a Face Lift with Colour



Face lift with colour

Sometime ago I created a video that shows you how to get rid of your double chins.  Last week during our colour analysis training I was showing our students how black creates shadows around the jaw and creates a double chin and they were amazed at what a difference the colour made to the appearance of the face.  Since I had these photos, I thought I’d share this quick and easy lesson in how to give yourself a face lift with colour alone!  No plastic surgery required.

So keep black away from your face and you will look lighter, fresher and younger!



  • nutrivore says:

    true. when i do wear a black top, i wear a bright scarf or vest/blazer.

  • Ginger says:

    Does any light color work to reflect light onto a double chin. Does a light color close to the face diminish the look of wrinkles on the face itself?

    • Imogen says:

      Ideally a light colour that suits you! Yes light diminishes shadows (and so wrinkles too), that’s why photographers use big white reflective discs!

    • Imogen says:

      You will find that if you have overall light colouring and your contrast is low, light or medium value colours will be the most flattering and ideally you should stay away from the dark colours as much as possible.

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